Babahu Smart Toothbrush After-Sale Service Upgraded Met Christmas Shopping


Christmas shopping is coming down insensibly. The goods on the market are on crazy promotion. All of you are going to get an appetite to snap up the big deals during this shopping season. Babahu world’s AI hands-free toothbrush, Babahu X1 gets over 700% goals on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo now, and it is only 20 days past from babahu smart toothbrush project launched. Cheers for all supporters.

At a time of Christmas shopping, babahu opens discounted value of world’s first AI fully-automatic toothbrush. For adult version package, you can get over 53% OFF price down to 89$ of each piece, only 30 pieces for snapping up; for kid version package, you can get over 56% OFF price down to 79$ of each piece, only 50 pieces for snapping up. There is just a week of crazy discounts from December 18 to December 25. Do rush to purchase the world’s first AI hands-free smart toothbrush.

Recently, we take notice of after-sale service circumstance for some previous smart toothbrush crowdfunding projects on the market, such as delayed delivery, defected prototypes, refund guarantee, and much more. Babahu smart toothbrushes are produced by the world’s second largest factory FlEX Ltd. FLEX is a world-famous electronic professional manufacturing service company. Babahu smart toothbrush has opened spot sale in Chinese domestic market. For this, you can search on Chinese electronic online stores, and babahu has gotten lots of good feedbacks from babahu X1 smart toothbrush.

Here babahu stated the consumers’ policy again. Let us pay attention to the following regulations:

1. All babahu smart toothbrush models can begin to send out in January 2019.
2.If you use bababu smart toothbrush continuously for 3 months and don’t get teeth clean effect, babahu guarantees to refund the total fee of the toothbrush body.
3. If there is the quality problem of babahu smart toothbrush within 1 year, babahu only supports replacement service.
4. Babahu promises to refund our backers in time. According to Indiegogo policy, before the project ended, the money is deposited in Indiegogo official; after the project ended, Indiegogo official will remain about 20% of the total fund till babahu has delivered all goods so that all money will be refunded from Indiegogo official directly in time.

Babahu is grateful for all our supporters! Here let us get flash deals from babahu smart toothbrushes in this Christmas shopping! Good luck to all of you!


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