BABAHU X1: The World’s First 360° AI Electric Toothbrush Achieved 500% Goal at Indiegogo


Compared to some time ago, artificial intelligence has invaded all sectors: from robotics to smartphones to everyday objects such as umbrellas, air purifiers, and even toothbrushes. BABAHU X1, in fact, is the first toothbrush in the world equipped with AI functionality, which ensures a 360-degree cleaning in seconds thanks to the vibration of the bristles controlled by advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence.

The project was signed by a Chinese company that has requested funding from the Indiegogo community to start production and, after a couple of weeks, is already a success: BABAHU X1 has raised almost $26,000 (+ 500% compared to initial target of $5000) thanks to the contribution of 338 backers, who believed in the idea and invested their savings. The crowdfunding campaign will still be active for a month, so you still have time to participate.

To celebrate the milestone reached and to thank the supporters, the company has decided to distribute some prizes (only to the backers): just share the Indiegogo campaign page for BABAHU X1 on their social channels (Facebook, Twitter and so on) and wait the gift that will appear on your personal page on Indiegogo (only if the minimum number of participants is reached). And here’s what you could win:

  • 3 people: BABAHU X1 Brush Head
  • 10 people: BABAHU X1 for adults
  • 15 people: BABAHU X1 couple set
  • 20 people: BABAHU X1 family set

You have a couple of methods to take part in the competition and try to extend your electric toothbrush set: log in to Indiegogo, visit the BABAHU X1 campaign page and click on the social network buttons or click on the “Embed” button and copy the link visible on the pop-up page (as in the image below). The prize will be added in real time to your profile but, one week before the campaign ends, the company will publish the list of winners.

As recommended by all dentists, this brush uses the Bass technique, which consists of repeatedly rotating the toothbrush from the gum towards the tooth, and its 60 super-soft bristles cover the teeth on 6 sides with a specific angle of 45 °. All in 10-20 seconds.

The head is composed of an edible and antibacterial silica gel, while the body integrates a magnetic levitation sonic motor with a vibration frequency of 18000-40000 / minute (children of 2-6 years: 18000-21800 / minute, children of 6-12 years: 21800-31800, over 12 years: 31800-40000), suitable for different oral cavities and automatically managed by AI algorithms. There is a main mode of operation and two modes Clean and Gum Care.

The children’s version has an integrated voice assistant, which gives suggestions on the force of the bite, on the use of the head and on how to clean. BABAHU X1 has been approved by the FDA (Florida Dental Association) and is IPX7 certified, so it will be waterproof and resistant to falls and bumps. Supports Qi wireless charging and, with only 2 hours of charging, you can use it for several weeks.

The official launch of BABAHU X1 is scheduled for January 2019 and, for those who decide to contribute to fundraising, the price will be more advantageous: $99 for the adult version (instead of $189) and $89 for the children’s version (instead of $179).


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