Baseus Bowie EX TWS Earphones Offered at $44.99 [11.11 Sale]


If you’re looking for good wireless headphones, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the latest AirPods, as there are plenty of budget alternatives on the market with good sound quality and long battery life. One of them is Baseus Bowie EX TWS. These are wireless headphones from the well-known Chinese manufacturer Baseus, which are already on sale in the home market.

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Let’s start the description of the appearance with the headphone case. The case has a round body with rounded edges made of matte white plastic. On the front side, only the junction of the two halves of the case and the LED status indicator of the headphones are visible. On the opposite side there is an insert made of plastic, painted in metallic color, with the manufacturer’s logo and model data printed on it.

Sound Quality

The Baseus Bowie EX features noise reduction technology. To reduce external noise, the TWS headset has four microphones for capturing external sound. The Bowie EX ‘s design is what the manufacturer calls “windproof”, which enhances the ability to reduce noise and improve the quality of audio received by the consumer. The new Baseus earbuds also have sensors that pause and resume content as they detect if the user has removed or replaced the earphones.


The Baseus Bowie EX can be fully charged in two hours. It is compatible with Bluetooth 5.3 for better stability and lower latency. The earbuds also support smart dual connection and in-ear recognition. The earbuds automatically pause and resume playback when you remove your ear and make contact with it.


The accessory comes with a charging case and boasts high autonomy. Together with the case, the battery life of the headphones reaches 30 hours. At the same time, just 10 minutes on a charge will provide an additional two hours of listening to music. A full charge of the gadget takes two hours.

Verdict & Buy

It’s all about Baseus Bowie EX. An additional plus is the presence of an application where we can customize the sound and behavior by pressing the touch buttons. Well, the biggest plus for me was the perfectly shaped shape of the headphones. You can grab it now on Banggood For Just $44.99 on 11.11 sale. Click the button and order now:

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