Baseus H1 Wireless Headphone Sales at $55.99


The headphone market in China accounts for $3.85 billion in revenue. Not surprisingly, headphones are in great demand, so manufacturers should always be ready to launch new products. Baseus, an audio device manufacturer from China, has just announced over-the-ear headphones called the Beseus H1 Wireless Headphone.

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The Baseus H1 over-ear Bluetooth headphones have a simple, stylish design and comfortable mechanism. The left and right headphones can be rotated for easy storage and placed directly in your travel bag. It makes users feel comfortable; the earbuds use a retractable adjustment bar design so that adults and children can find a comfortable wearing angle. Moreover, it is gentle on long hair, reducing the risk of painful situations due to accidental grazing. The head beam of the headphones is made of PU material, the sponge filling inside is very soft, and there is no feeling of pressure on the scalp after wearing it.


See how great your favorite songs can sound. The headphones are equipped with large, 40-mm drivers, thanks to which they can provide high-quality 360 ° stereo sound. The richness of details, pleasant to the ear, clear highs, and deep, strong bass make the Bowie H1 emphasize what is most interesting in various musical genres and offer a perfectly balanced sound.


With Bowie H1, you can also enjoy ultra-low latency, which in Low Latency mode does not exceed 0.038 s. Perfect synchronization of pictures and sound will allow you to watch movies and play even the most dynamic games comfortably! Moreover, the Baseus Smart-Connect technology will enable you to pair the headphones with 2 devices simultaneously and freely switch between them.

Easy To Use

Convenient operation of the headphones is possible thanks to the built-in buttons, with which you can, for example, switch the song, stop and resume playback, handle incoming phone calls, and activate the voice assistant. There is also a dedicated Baseus application that offers, among other things, 12 EQ modes and allows you to locate the headphones. It also allows you to change the functions of the buttons and check the battery charge level.


The Baseus H1 has a built-in 400 mAh battery with a battery life of up to 70 hours. When ANC mode is enabled, battery life can reach up to 40 hours. At the same time, the earbuds also support fast charging, which can fully charge the earbuds in 1 hour. In addition, you can listen to music for 10 hours after a 10-minute charge.

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Where To Buy

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