Black Shark 4S will be Released on October 13th


On October 13th, in addition OnePlus 9RT will be released, Black Shark 4S will also be released in the form of online, the specific time of the press conference will be held at 3 PM.

According to official photos, the new black Shark 4S will “break through the current status ” and “evolve continuously, break the momentum to attack”. It is implied that BLACK Shark 4S will be a step up from the Black Shark 4, possibly with higher specs and performance. At present, Black Shark 4S series will have two models, respectively Black Shark 4S and Black Shark 4S Pro.

It’s worth noting that prior to the official announcement, Black Shark CEO Luo Yuzhou posted three photos on his Weibo account. The watermarks on all three pictures show the word “4S”, indicating that they were taken with a Black Shark 4S. In addition, the watermark also mentions “AI triple camera”, which means Black Shark 4S will have a rear triple camera system. It is unclear what the picture means when it mentions “300 million times” or “the first time.”

According to sources, Black Shark 4S will continue to have a 6.67-inch screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, and will likely be powered by snapdragon 888 Plus, an upgrade to snapdragon 888. The processor, which is based on a 5nm process, will have a superlarge core with a dominant frequency of 3.0GHz and an AI performance improvement of over 20%. As a professional gaming phone, the Black Shark 4S equipped with Snapdragon 888 Plus will have better performance in terms of game performance.

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It is worth noting that previously in Tencent announced support for King of Glory 120 frame phone list, there are black Shark 4S and black Shark 4S Pro.


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