Blockudoku: A Block Game Worth Playing


If you are looking for a block game that can provide you with gameplay that’s engaging and addictive, Blockudoku is the right one. These games are fun to play and will keep you glued to your phone for hours. Moreover, they can exercise your mind and leave it in good shape.

But what exactly is Blockudoku? How do you play it? And why should you play it in your free time? Keep on reading this article to learn more.

What is Blockudoku?

Blockudoku is a blend of Sudoku and a block puzzle game. You must clear lines and squares by matching blocks to play the game. The game, just like Sudoku, is played on a 9×9 grid. Each small cell equals one point. When you complete a line or square, you will get extra points. While this game may appear quite easy, it can also get challenging, and you may have to spend too much time trying to get a higher score. But with lots of practice, you will get a hold of it, and you will play it like an expert and get a high score.

The rule of the game

The general rule for playing this game is not to build but to destroy. As you continue playing Blockudoku, your main aim is not to build a wall but instead, you need to destroy as many of them as you can. One of the most common mistakes players make when playing Blockudoku is gathering blocks and waiting for a perfect opportunity to drop preferred lines. This can only ruin your progress because you may quickly lose enough space to place new blocks. Accumulating more blocks will only leave you with little or no space. And when you don’t have space left, the game will be over.

Why Blockudoku is worth playing

If you have never played this block game, you are probably wondering if it is worth playing. The truth is that Blockudoku is worth your time. Here are the top reasons you should consider playing Blockudoku:

  1. It will keep you entertained

One of the major reasons why you should consider playing this block game is that it is a great source of entertainment. Blockudoku game will keep you entertained all throughout the duration you are playing it. So if you are looking for a game that can help you keep boredom at bay, this game here got you covered.

Moreover, when you are playing Blockudoku, your mind can relieve your stress. Completing other levels will make you happy and give you that sense of satisfaction.

It can help keep you active.

This game can help keep your thinking skill active. When playing the game, you must think of how to solve the puzzle successfully. The more you think, the more you boost your thinking skill, thus increasing your activity. In the process, it can also increase your concentration level, making you more attentive in various aspects of your life.


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