Booster Pro 2 Muscle Massage Gun Offered at $110.99 [11.11 Sale]


Booster Pro 2 Massage Gun is a top model, the keywords of which are very quiet (45-55db), durable rubber body (withstands various massage oils and creams), 9-speed levels, long-lasting battery, powerful impact force up to 30kg. A solid tool for the professional.

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In terms of appearance design alone, compared with other brands on the market, the new design of Booster Pro 3 is very sincere, and the electroplating spray paint and frosted material are very fashionable.

Regarding the number of massage heads, Booster Pro 3 has the largest number, and according to the official introduction, one of them is a brand-new soft air pressure massage head.

Booster Pro 2 contains five detachable massage heads. Which are round flat heads applicable to muscles of various parts, forkheads applicable to the muscles on both sides of the neck and spine, and large round heads applicable to muscles of the whole body.

And the crescent head is applicable to the muscles of the whole-body directional massage, which can be fixed on the area where you focus on massage, pointed bullets (for deeper muscle massage).


The Booster Pro 2 is a high-quality wireless shock therapy device that relieves tense and painful muscles and connective tissue. The device works very quietly and is also suitable for use in quieter places—the ideal helper for training and competition warm-up and recovery. By exerting pressure on the body with the help of the device, it is possible to get rid of pain points quickly. The nozzle of the Booster massage gun vibrates with an amplitude of 12 mm, helping to reach the deeper muscles of the body.


The built-in 24V high-energy lithium battery can be used for about 4 hours after charging for 2 hours. The wireless design also makes it more convenient to use. The new generation of noise reduction technology greatly reduces the sound during use, and you will not be disturbed by noise when you enjoy a relaxing massage.

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