Buy Creality Sermoon V1 Fully Assembled 3D Printer at $320.89 in Flash Sale


Creality Sermoon V1 is fully assembled with Sprite Direct Drive 3D Printer and is ready to print Leveling-free, Assembly-free, “Sprite” Direct Extruder, APP remote control & monitoring, the silent operation which noises are lower than 45dB, and the biggest print size which is 175 x 175 x 165 mm. Enjoy out-of-box printing with no need for leveling and assembly. The automatic filament feeding and withdrawal can be controlled with one click. Simple operation and easy to use. Sermoon V1 is the best 3D printer for beginners.

Creality Sermoon V1 does not require users to install parts like a DIY 3D printer. V1 has been calibrated and leveled at the factory, giving users a convenient operating experience. With a filament detector, you will be reminded to replace filament on the 4.3″ color touch screen and your print will pause until you load a new filament. There is also a set parameter mode on the UI (PLA/ ABS modes), which can be used directly. The quick disassembly nozzle design facilitates nozzle maintenance and simple operation is convenient for cleaning the nozzle and improves the success rate of model printing.

The design of the Creality Sermoon V1 allows for easy print nozzle replacement. Removing and reinstalling the nozzle is easy and should not be difficult even for less experienced users. Maintaining proper nozzle patency improves the quality of the final 3D prints. The dimensions of the Sermoon V1 design are only 400 x 380 x 430 mm. At the same time, the device allows you to create quite large 3D prints with a maximum size of 175 x 175 x 165 mm. The printer’s case has an interesting, modern design that will easily fit into the interior design of almost any room. Creality Sermoon V1 is extremely quiet (about 45 dB), thus providing great comfort of work.

With the bendable metal magnetic platform, stable printing and pasting; easy to remove prints, and also convenient for cleaning the platform. With Creality Cloud APP, you can operate, print remotely, and download massive models from Creality Cloud for free. You can also cloud slice, start model printing at any time and anywhere, and make full use of time. Built-in LED light makes printing at night more convenient and more clear.

The Sermoon V1 is Creality’s 3D printer defined as the Magic Box. With a build volume of 175 x 175 x 165 mm it is compact, secure and of very good quality. Creality Sermoon V1 line introduces new, more advanced features, moreover, in a more compact size compared to earlier models, for a very affordable price tag. You can buy Creality Sermoon V1 FDM 3D Printer From Newegg at $320.89 for a limited time until 10/19/2022 23:59 PM PDT


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