Buy Redmi MDZ-34-DA TV 30W Speaker Soundbar at €42.99 From TOMTOP in Flash Sale


For those of you who are looking to improve the audio quality of your TV, the Redmi MDZ-34-DA TV Soundbar is the right product for you. The elegant design makes this soundbar beautify your living room too. The Redmi MDZ-34-DA TV Soundbar delivers superb stereo sound for the real enjoyment of your favorite movies and shows. Deep surround sound surrounds you from all sides and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the content. The soundbar can be easily connected to different TV models. Thanks to the possibility of wall mounting and concise design, it is fully integrated into the interior of the room.

Redmi MDZ-34-DA TV Soundbar is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 module, with which you can output sound from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC to the soundbar. Set up a connection and get a whole new experience of playing or watching videos. The range of the wireless connection has been increased to 10 meters. Provides a wired connection using a cable. You can use the Aux port (3.5 mm) to connect mobile gadgets; as well as the digital SPDIF interface to connect any TV model.

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A team of professional sound engineers took part in the creation of the Redmi MDZ-34-DA TV Soundbar; this approach provided an incredibly bright and comfortable sound for any scenario, whether it be a romantic melodrama or a tense blockbuster. The device reproduces magnificent sound with a power of up to 30 watts with a perfect balance of frequencies, crystal clear and deep mid and high ranges, and powerful bass.

The Redmi MDZ-34-DA TV Soundbar case has a regular geometric shape. The slim rectangular device is easy to place on the wall or on the nightstand next to the TV. The body of the soundbar is made of high-quality plastic in a classic black color, thanks to which it is guaranteed to fit into the color scheme of the room. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €42.99 in Flash Sale and Delivered from Germany Warehouse with Free Shipping.


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