CFLY Faith 2 FPV Drone Now Available at $292.18 [Best Price]


Flycam is gradually becoming a healthy entertainment for technology lovers. Recently, Components Store has just updated a super hot product on the market called CFLY Faith 2 RC Drone. Belonging to the mid-range price segment, but the quality is not inferior to high-end products. Especially in the extremely outstanding features to ensure a good response to your needs. What are you waiting for, let’s explore them right below!

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With a modern and compact design trend, the CFLY Faith 2 drone keeps a great design language, with a very neat design size, many expensive high-end components are neatly arranged. in a sturdy and neat chassis. This makes it easy to carry around, just open and take off, very quick to operate, and does not take too much time for initial setup. Today, it has become necessary to use a compact drone for easy travel, for the purposes of capturing memorable moments in life, the current trend is compact, and still has to ensure the elements of advanced shooting technology and good wind resistance during flight. The manufacturer did a great job on the research and design of this drone.

Brushless Motor

The efficiency of the motor is usually only 70-75% while the efficiency of the brushless motor can be up to 90%. It is this factor that has helped the drone to upgrade its value to a new level. Helps the motor operate smoothly without causing much noise. In addition, it also has level 6 wind resistance to help the device keep its balance even in difficult weather conditions, strong winds.

3-axis stabilization

Thanks to the company’s advanced 3-axis stabilization, the CFLY Faith 2 model can capture realistic and sharp images. At the same time, the image is also highly stable and free of noise. If you have used devices that support 2-axis anti-vibration, you will definitely recognize the difference between them.


The manufacturer has upgraded the new version to become more breakthrough and complete. Beat all products in the same segment on the market at the moment. With a flight time of 10 minutes more than the old version to reach an impressive number of 35 minutes to increase the user experience. Combining a transmission distance of up to 5km, you can obtain many unique natural scenes.


The new image quality is amazing, Sony’s sensor technology is put on this plane for the first time. with a 1/2.6 inch sensor. The image quality is very good, even the detail is higher than the Xiaomi drones or other drone manufacturers in the same or above this price segment. With frame quality 6K resolution (5120×3840) when taking pictures and 4k (3840 x 2160) when recording video. can support a Micro SD memory card up to 128GB. Up to now, it can be affirmed that with the same price, CFLY Faith 2 is the flycam with the best image quality at a very reasonable price to own the device.


CFLY Faith 2 using wave transmission technology in a different technology, improving the receiver and broadcasting equipment on the basis of FFC transmission technology, for a flight distance of up to 5km, this is a really amazing number for the lines.


The ultrasonic sensor system in the abdomen with a modern optical sensor helps CFLY Faith 2 to better maintain its position in the environment of unstable GPS signals while helping the aircraft land safely and smoothly in the air. adverse terrains.

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Where To Buy

CFLY Faith 2 FPV Drone is now available on Aliexpress For Just $292.99. Click the following button for order now:

Buy CFLY Faith 2 Drone on Aliexpress


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