Cheapest Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10 Officially Released at 799 yuan, $111


Xiaomi intelligent door lock E10 released, pre-sale price 799 yuan, $111, free door installation, this is the cheapest Mi door lock so far. Pre-ordering is now available and will be available on December 7.

Mi smart door lock E10 integrated smart doorbell, visitors visit the doorbell, the door lock inside and outside the panel can sound a bell to remind, Mijia App will also synchronously send a reminder notice in the mobile terminal.

Xiaomi intelligent door lock E10 adopts three anti-intelligent lock body, the clutch is built into the intelligent lock body, with the in-line C-type lock core running through the lock body structure, more effectively prevent external force to open the door directly after removing the outside plate, prevent force to open the door.

Mi Smart door lock E10 supports a variety of convenient unlocking methods, including fingerprint, long-term password, cycle/one-time password, NFC, Bluetooth key, Mi watch, Mi Band. The fingerprint recognition rate of 99%, 0.5 seconds can be identified.

The door lock also supports Xiaomi intelligent ecological linkage, combined with devices with Bluetooth gateway function for common use, it can be linked with a variety of smart home devices, to realize the door at home to turn on the light, air conditioning; Close the door by pressing the layout button on the exterior door lock panel to turn off the intelligent household appliances and fans, and the sweeping robot starts to clean.

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In terms of battery life, Mi smart door lock E10 uses 4 No.5 batteries to provide 12-month long battery life. When the power runs out, it can be connected to mobile power emergency power supply through Type-C interface to unlock the door.


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