Chuwi CoreBook X Pro VS CoreBook X Comparison Review


Chuwi CoreBook X Pro and CoreBook X is one more bend on this thought, squashing far and away more power than past structures while keeping up the moderate course of action. Lightweight, unstable, and with persuading warmth spread, need to get what makes this Chuwi PC by an embarrassing margin overpowering? Take a gander at on and you’ll find everything about this new PC.

Chuwi CoreBook X Pro

Design and Display

CoreBook XPro has a strong metal style, and the general shape is the unadulterated mathematical plan. Not at all like Apple’s delicate curve shape, CoreBook XPro is moderate and extreme in accordance with the style of financial specialists. The AD cover is made of all metal material, and the body under the cover is coordinated, and the surface is covered with sandblasting oxidation measure, which is loaded with top-of-the-line surface. The metal surface of fuselage An is made with a 3D incorporated embellishment measure, and the jewel edge is cut, which is coordinated without joining holes, which better ensures the showcase screen. The thickness of the AB-face body is just 5mm, the general body thickness is 17mm, and the weight is just 1.78KG.

Chuwi CoreBook X Pro

The new CoreBook XPro is outfitted with a 15.6-inch IPS full screen, a full HD level with a goal of 1920*1080, a 16:9 exemplary showcase proportion, and in general huge screen show, and a wide field of vision. Later on windows 11 framework, the enormous screen can be a parted screen show, and simultaneously Various errands have been begun, and the work effectiveness has been multiplied in an inside and out manner.

Chuwi CoreBook X has an unquestionably confined game-plan considering its 14″ show size. It almost copies the glorious bezels and the metallic unibody of the MacBook Air. You can pass on this contraption using a lone hand. It is genuinely adaptable to take with you on headways all through the planet. CoreBook X has a 2K HD IPS show that solitary exorbitant PCs have. This, yet it has other stuff maintains that are setting a benchmark. If you love using Apple MacBook Air, this elective PC can be outstanding. It is a massive bit of the expense of a MacBook contraption and has features that can battle with it. In like manner, you can save a ton by keeping away from the inordinate PC and buying a CoreBook X.

Chuwi CoreBook X Pro


The C side is a standard illuminated console, with huge 16mm*16mm keys, a wide key region, with staggered backdrop illumination change, and composing creation is somewhat simple and smooth; furnished with an augmented touchpad, it has an adaptable and advantageous touch insight. The two sides of the fuselage are furnished with Gigabit Ethernet ports, SD card perusing extension interface, USB-A 3.0 interface X3, USB-C, HDMI, DC power supply, and 3.5mm earphone jack simultaneously, which can meet the different day by day development needs.

Chuwi CoreBook X Pro

There are additional parts of Chuwi CoreBook X that particular premium and outrageous workstations offer. These are the USB-C ports and an enormous 46.2Wh battery. As such, you can work and watch films without the worry of battery squander. The 2K Full HD IPS show with an objective of 2160*1440p can show five-star accounts. You can use headphones with a wire or without them. The WIFI and the Bluetooth have the latest plans with 2.4G/5G Dual Bands. CoreBook X is in a general sense the best PC in its worth reach. CoreBook X offers PD 2.0 fast charging to make you screen things for less time.

More Features

As far as arrangement, CoreBook XPro has an inherent i5-8259U leader processor; with 4 centers and 8 strings. The processor is additionally at the mid-to-top of the line level among the current scratch pads; the general arrangement execution is prevalent. The processor’s primary recurrence is 2.3GHZ; the super recurrence is 3.8GHz, the TPD is 28W, and the incorporated Intel Iris in addition to 655 set presentation.

The new CoreBook XPro has implicit 8GB DDR4 memory, 2400MHz working recurrence; saves a So-DIMM memory development space; which can be opened in equal despite performing various tasks. Industrial facility setup 512G SSD strong state drive; upholds X2 double-channel NVMe transmission convention, and stores another M.2 extension opening, which can be DIY to grow 1T capacity. In the real estimation, the perusing velocity of the strong state drive is up to 1365MB/s, and the composing speed is up to 927MB/s; perusing and composing speed is multiple times quicker than SATA strong state, decreasing different stacking holding up occasions; different PC working encounters will be quick and smooth.

Chuwi places such unrivaled gear in the CoreBook X that it performs ultra responsively. It is noteworthy that we track down the right congruity of specs for a PC. Chuwi CorBook X is one of these workstations that you can buy at an irrelevant expense. It has an Intel Core i5 processor with the Iris 650 plans GPU. As needs be, you can dismantle the first-rate PCs like the Microsoft Surface that have close to specs at a more fundamental expense. The striking 2K show fulfills when watching on the web streams. There is 16GB RAM with a 256GB SSD ROM for very speedy boot times.


All in all, Chuwi CoreBook X Pro is an elite business dainty and light scratch pad with; superior quality huge screen, metal style, adjusted and exhaustive equipment design, incredible execution, and great client experience. This new item is an earnest shop work. Chuwi CoreBook X performs like an execution. With a preeminent I5 processor, 16GB monster memory, and high-speed SSD accumulating, it gives better satisfaction to the gathering of office necessities. Also, Both are best at their own design and features. You can easily buy both of these from Chuwi Officials


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