ColorOS 13, Android 13 Official Release: OPPO Find X5 / Pro, OnePlus 10 Pro Open Upgrade


ColorOS official today announced that OPPO Find X5 and Find X5 Pro now open ColorOS 13.0 × Android 13 official version upgrade. At the same time, OnePlus 10 Pro 5G has opened ColorOS 13.0 × Android 13 official version upgrade.

OPPO Find X5 Pro (PFEM00) needs to meet the official version of C.30 or later can be upgraded, and Find X5 Pro (PFFM00) needs to be upgraded to C.33 or later; Oneplus 10 Pro 5G requires official version number C.19 or later.

[Notes for Application]

1. User data will not be deleted in this upgrade, but you are advised to back up important personal data before the upgrade.

2. At present, many common third-party applications are incompatible with Android 13. After upgrading Android 13, third-party applications may fail to be used normally (such as flash back, slow down, black screen, power consumption, etc.).

3. Within two days after the upgrade, the system background will carry out a series of adaptation and optimization actions, which may lead to the phenomenon of heating, stalling and fast power consumption of the mobile phone. It is recommended that you restart the phone after 2 hours of charging, or it will recover after normal use for a period of time.

4, the public beta version users do not need to sign up for the official version, can be directly upgraded to the official version by pushing the version of the system. The test period of the log version is 4-6 months. After the test, the official version will be pushed. For details, please pay attention to the announcement of the official beta group.

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[How to Apply]

1. Please ensure that your mobile phone version has been upgraded to the basic version (to view the version number: Settings > About the Local > Version Information > Version number).

2. Please click “Settings > About This Machine > Top Version Information (above” Phone name “) > Upper right corner Settings > Early Application > ColorOS 13.0 Official version > Check “I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy” > Apply now “, and click “Check for Updates” after completing the application. Check and download the installation version to upgrade to ColorOS 13.0.


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