Comparison Between Voopoo Vinci X 2 AND Vinci Air Vape


Voopoo Vinci X 2 appears in a rectangular cardboard box with an image of the gadget like some pictograms of its focal elements on the front, and an outline of substance. We should start a review about its arrangement, features. The Voopoo Vinci Air vape is the most incomprehensible case contraption from Voopoo. Perhaps then the Vinci and Vinci X, the Vinci Air is near nothing and light and has a shape that I’m perpetually used to seeing from a case vape.


To whatever degree to plan and the possibility of materials, the new Vinci X isn’t absolutely extraordinary according to the primary Vinci unit framework. It’s basically a practically identical shape, just the new design is genuinely more and thicker (117mm x 30mm x 25mm), which is monitored pondering the need to oblige a 18650 battery. Voopoo Vinci X 2 understanding awards you to utilize a higher cutoff endless battery. Recall that you should purchase the battery independently, in any case, or your gadget will not control on. Furthermore, It comes in a limited size.

Voopoo Vinci X 2

The Vinci Air vape looks a ton like the Vinci and Vinci X unit mods yet it’s misled the scratching as gigantic or thick. It’s basically more bound than the Vinci at 100.9mm tall yet 18mm critical which is generously more slender. It’s a truly hopeless and trim gadget. It feels incredibly dazzling in my hold and it’s undoubtedly light too at 80g. Additionally, The body is made out of zinc composite and finished matte paint. It looks striking and it doesn’t hold fingerprints. The corners are totally changed and the get-together quality is high. Disregarding being near nothing and light, the Vinci Air feels strong and preposterous.


Voopoo Vinci X 2 has a mind-blowing block ID highlight that works indistinguishable from what it did on the Vinci. Right when you embed another circle and addition the unit to the mod, the GENE chip checks the curved head and changes the force regard sort out with the hindrance. It goes with amazing features which offer you the best an optimal chance to spend. Furthermore, It goes with a restriction of 6.5ML. It has a battery of Singal 18650.

Voopoo Vinci X 2

Vinci Air vape has a unit for the Air has a similar mouthpiece as the Vinci and Vinci X yet it is strongly not a near sort of case; the Air isn’t satisfactory with Vinci cases. Essentially, The clarification being the unit for the Air is all endlessly thin and rectangular rather than square. The case is out and out clear so unfathomable on Voopoo here. Additionally, The 0.6ohm turn has a more major bore and is proposed for standard nicotine juices and DL vaping.

Voopoo Vinci X 2

Vinci Air vape has a 900mAh battery which isn’t normally awful, yet it is on the more unnoticeable side. Utilizing the 1.0ohm buoy at 12W I comprehend the best way to deal with experience around ¾ of a case. This surely will not appear to be an uncommon course of action yet this mulled over around two days of vaping. Vaping at 12W truly doesn’t utilize that much liquid so my juice went far.

Voopoo Vinci X 2


Voopoo Vinci X 2 is one of the freshest vapes. Moreover, It goes with more features in a traditionalist size. The Voopoo Vinci Air vape is my overall impression of the Vinci contraptions. The 0.6ohm bend is fundamental for a kept direct lung vape yet the 1.0ohm circle is the person the Air shines. Both are easily available at Voopoo Officials


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