DAJA DJ6 Review – Portable Laser Engraving Machine at €129.52 From TOMTOP with Coupon


laser engraving technology is becoming more accessible to the public every day and products such as DAJA DJ6 are proof of it. This laser engraver not only claims to be one of the most affordable in its category, but it is also one of the most compacts. DAJA DJ6 can engrave patterns, designs, logos, and images on virtually any material including wood, glass, colored ceramics, painted metal, food, acrylic, leather, fabric, plastic, and more. With DJ6, you can create anything you ever dreamed of. From unique gifts to amazing artwork, DJ6 is the perfect tool to turn your ideas into reality!


The unique base design provides engraving stability and safety for the engraver. The aluminum and ABS materials make DJ6 more robust and lightweight, which can be moved around. Equipped with a 3000mW laser head module, DJ6 has faster and stronger engraving efficiency. DJ6 laser machine weight only 1.036kg, much lighter than another engraver, easy to carry to Office, home and studio, etc. The DAJA DJ6 laser engraving machine can be connected in several different methods. It supports the Windows system. Also, you can also connect to K5 via your mobile and use the self-developed mobile app to engrave the photo&logo you want. Without a PC or mobile, offline engraving mode is available. you can easily design and create any patterns you like in different devices and formats.

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Equipped with anti-slip legs to avoid unintentional collision caused by the movement, DJ6 is able to carve steadily and smoothly. You can enjoy engraving time due to the built-in eyes protection lens and cooling fans. 23000MW laser power makes it faster and more powerful and can clearly and quickly carve your design on almost any surface, from wood to metal, etc. The DAJA DJ6 laser engraving machine can sculpt your desired picture&logo on various materials. It is able to engrave on papers, Kraft papers, wood, ceramics, leathers, plastic, bamboo, painted metal, etc. There are four types of working modes that can be chosen Black and white, Grayscale, Outline, and Sketch. These four engraving modes enrich your engraving needs and can make your patterns full of personalities.


DAJA DJ6 laser engraving machine compatible with Win7/Win8/Win10/ WIN11/MAC/IOS/Android system. And support multiple formats such as JPG, SVG, PNG, DWG, and BMP. Free to connect with a mobile device to edit on the APP and print, with no need for a computer; easily to DIY with this coolest small marking machine. You can buy it from TOMTOP at €129.52 (Inclusive of VAT) by using Coupon code: TF6591 with Free shipping from Germany.


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