Dji’s First Official Refurbished Drone, Action Camera Released


DJI has launched its first official drone/action camera revamp, including DJI Mini3 Pro and DJI Pocket2.

DJI Mini3 Pro (ordinary remote control) refurbished machine 4079 yuan, new price 4788 yuan, 709 yuan cheaper;

DJI Mini3 Pro (with screen remote control) refurbished machine 4929 yuan, new price 5788 yuan, 859 yuan cheaper;

DJI Pocket2 refurbished 2129 yuan, brand new 2499 yuan, 370 yuan off;

DJI Pocket2 All-purpose Kit refurbished 2979 yuan, brand new 3499 yuan, 520 yuan off;

According to officials, DJI certified refurbishers are used DJI products that have gone through a rigorous refurbishment process.

Before the sale, DJI has carried out strict testing and evaluation on each product to ensure that it meets the quality standards, the finish color is close to the new machine, and enjoys the same quality assurance with the new machine. In appearance, some refurbished machines may have slight scratches.

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After sales, enjoy the same after-sales service policy and warranty period as the new machine. In the return service, 7 days of no reason to return; During the replacement service, only the refurbished machine can be replaced. The appearance of the refurbished machine is close to that of the new machine. The replacement initiated for appearance reasons is not supported.


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