Do you Really Know How to Use a Vape?


Do you really know how to use an e-cigarette? There is no similarity between vaping smoke and real smoke, except that they both need to be put in the mouth.

Only by mastering the correct method of vaping smoke can you get a better fog making experience

If you are a new vaper

Then this article is perfect for you

# 01

It’s hard to get straight into the lungs with small cigarettes. Placing the holder in your mouth creates a vacuum through your cheek and then draws the atomized smoke from inside the e-cigarette, where the nicotine-containing vapor concentrates in your mouth and nose.

# 02

When the steam stays in the mouth for 1-2 seconds, decide whether to enter the lungs, and then slowly exhale through the mouth or nose, depending on your preference.

# 3

One caveat: The steam should be drawn gently and slowly into your mouth. Smoking as hard as regular cigarettes won’t do, for several reasons:

The atomizing core needs to be heated slowly for a few seconds, otherwise the atomizing effect is very poor;

Vaping strongly can cause the fumes to be inhaled directly into your mouth.

# 4

E-cigarette vapor is liquid, not solid particulate smoke produced by combustion. The droplets of e-cigarette vapor are 10 times larger in diameter, so it does not penetrate deep into the lungs. This means that the nicotine in the e-cigarette liquid is not easily absorbed by the lungs.

So if you want to maximize the absorption of nicotine, you need to make good use of the mouth, nose and lungs.

# 5

But vaping does not have to go into the lungs, generally through the mouth, or with a little lung inhalation, using the nose to exhale the smoke, can meet the needs of smokers for nicotine.

# 6

On smoking duration:

The average puff of vapor smoke contains only 10 to 50 percent of the nicotine found in a cigarette, so vape players need to smoke for a longer period of time, usually 12 minutes for an e-cigarette compared to five minutes for a cigarette.

Vaping an e-cigarette vaporizer for two seconds at a time is not effective.

Because it takes a second for the atomizer to heat up, and there’s no smoke.

Small cigarettes need to be smoked slowly and gently for four to eight seconds

Larger e-cigarettes generally take 3-4 seconds to inhale

Generally speaking, there is no need for lung inhalation, and the time is no less than 2 seconds, depending on the quality of the device, the nicotine content of the nicotine oil, and the skills and preferences of the player.

The wrong use can result in nicotine not being absorbed effectively, causing throat or lung irritation and other problems.

So, take a quick look at your smoking habits and see if your methods work.

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