Do you want to get a job? What not to do at a job interview


How to pass an interview? How to behave? What to say in an interview? All these questions are of great concern to applicants for jobs in Qatar for Indians, and knowing the answers to them is one of the conditions for your employment. Before answering these questions, let’s first consider what an interview with an employer is.

“10 is impossible” or what not to do at the interview

When looking for a job, it is important to make a good impression on the recruiter during the interview. Different companies have different requirements, and it’s not always clear what exactly needs to be done to make this happen.

Don’t #1: Don’t Remember Where, When, and Why You Submitted Your Resume

Then clearly state what exactly you want. If you “fan out” one resume to all open vacancies indiscriminately, it seems that you don’t need a specific job, and you do it solely for the status as an employed citizen or a potential salary.

Don’t #2: Complaining About Difficulty Searching

When an interviewer during an interview hears complaints that the applicant has been going to interviews for a long time and cannot find a job, his first thought is that “something is wrong” with you.

Don’t #3: Ignore the Importance of Self Presentation

Most interviews begin by asking them to briefly introduce themselves. Your story will help the recruiter get to know your personal basic characteristics better.

Don’t #4: Speak negatively about colleagues, bosses, processes, and procedures of previous employers

Let’s say that something really did not suit you at your last job, it seemed unpleasant and illogical, unprofessional or unnecessary. In any case, it is not worth expressing your displeasure.

Don’t #5: Go into details and not answer the questions posed

The applicant jumps from one topic to another, any answer begins with a story “from Adam”, and each question posed is interpreted in his own way, telling only what seems important to him.

No #6: Be vague about goals, objectives, and results

When the applicant himself is not able to evaluate himself, tell about what he can do and what results he has achieved in his work, the employer cannot do this for him.

Don’t #7: Overestimate Your Role and Devalue the Role of Others

Of course, you need to praise yourself, since an interview is, in fact, a sale of your knowledge and skills.

Don’t #8: Doubt Your Expertise

A candidate who, from the very first words, shows uncertainty in his abilities, will not be able to convince his interlocutor of his own uniqueness. Even if your experience seems perfect, the last thing an employer wants to do is remove the psychological barriers of a potential employee.

Don’t #9: Put All Achievements in One Basket

During the interview, you will definitely be asked to tell about your achievements. Focus on those achievements that will really be of interest to the representative of the company.

Don’t #10: Mishandling commercial information

Most companies sign commercial non-disclosure papers with their employees. Strictly adhering to this policy, you run the risk of not showing up during the interview.


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