DOPEX Premium CBD Device Specialist – Dopex Aura Disposable Liquid CBD Pods


With the mission of achieving advanced vaporization technology to make better life at your fingertips and the vision of enriching and improving lives for all, Dopex, a company specializes in research & development of leading vaporization technology and heating element, committing itself to provide professional vaporization equipment of high quality in medical and wellness industry. Innovation drives us to move towards industry-leading technology frontier and Dopex always adheres to evolving better products.

Described by many as the next generation of vape design, the DOPEX Aura Vape Device with disposable liquid CBD pods delivers a premium and enjoyable vaping experience. DOPEX Aura is viewed as the most prestigious product. DOPEX Aura presents a cutting edge combination of convenience and Lightweight and ergonomic, the device features a soft-touch and 4 Customized appearances.

With its luxurious and discreet aesthetic, the DOPEX Aura is the perfect choice for newcomers as well as veteran vapers. Able to fit nearly in a pocket or in a purse, it is an all-day companion for when you need it most. The DOPEX Aura Disposable Vape Pen contains 0.5ml of CBD. A single three-second puff delivers approximately 2mg of CBD with a balanced taste of sweet and tangy natural tangerine flavor and a proprietary terpene blend. The pen features an auto-draw technology that delivers a smooth vape experience.

The DOPEX Aura is an innovative and tech-forward design for vape enthusiasts and beginners alike. Described by many as the next generation of vape design, works with disposable liquid CBD Pods placed inside the vaporizer to allow for a satisfying experience. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the pen features a smooth and weighs just 18g.


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