Download Minecraft PE 1.20 APK for Free Now


In October 2022, Mojang Studios announced the next Minecraft update in version 1.20 of the Minecraft Live title. So far, they’ve only shown a few snapshots of some of the new stuff to come. Introducing camels, ancient seeds, bamboo planks, and even the sniffer. This update is currently still in development and will be officially released in 2023. Players who don’t want to wait for the official release of the mobile version of Minecraft are in luck. Mojang has released beta versions of the upcoming update allowing players to experience many new features of the game earlier. We are going to find out how to download Minecraft PE 1.20: apk for free.

Download Minecraft PE 1.20: APK for free

Download Minecraft PE 1.20: APK for free

Hosting the download link for this version of Minecraft is the lovely folks at MCPEDL. This site contains all the mobile story updates of Minecraft while providing interesting maps and mods for download. These downloads come in the form of Android Packages or, apks. To download apk 1.20 click here.

How to Install Minecraft PE 1.20: APK

  1. Click on the link above to start Downloading the apk .
  2. Once downloaded, open the installer .
  3. When the installer opens, a pop-up window opens asking you to “  Install unknown apps .”
  4. In the pop-up window, choose the option “  allow from this source .”
  5. Return to the installer and select install .
  6. Once the installation is complete, open the app and start playing!

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Download Minecraft 1.20 free apk

Full Version: Minecraft PE 1.20.0 for Android Xbox servers.apk
Password: n9bs


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