Exciting Games Coming to Your Mobile Soon


Whether we have the most up-to-date Apple or Android phone in our pockets or a slightly older version, one thing is for sure. Smartphones are about so much more than sending and receiving calls. Amongst other things, your smartphone is akin to having a games console, arcade, or casino in your pocket. You never need to be bored. There are so many fun games that are available to play. Most of them can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. It’s what your fingers and brain have been waiting for.

Bob Marley World Tour

As well as being great fun, this game delivers a feel-good factor too. The game supports One Tree Planted, a global reforestation organization. LBC Studios have tied up with the Bob Marley Family to create this rhythm game featuring originals and re-mixes of Marley’s songs. Players step become managers and handle bands performing the reggae master’s classics across different world cities. Using special abilities, they aim for high scores from various performances.

Star Trek: Lower Decks – The Badgey Directive

Trekkies around the world will love this game. Players can expect the same dry humor that the popular sci-fi animated franchise is famous for. There are chances to take down Star Trek villains, level up the crew, and collect characters. The game includes a series of fun mini-games too. It has been made in partnership with Paramount Consumer Products and features storylines from the shows.

Pokémon Go: Test Your Mettle

Pokémon Go was the game that changed mobile gaming forever. Using AR, it sent gamers off on a real-life quest to find, compete for and collect Pokémon. Trainers are now gearing up to collect some even more rare creatures. The primary attractions are two new Ultra Beasts – Celesteela – the Launch Pokémon, and Kartana – the Drawn Sword Pokémon. The catch is that it is highly unlikely you will be able to round up both of them. Celesteela can only be found in the Southern Hemisphere, while Kartana dwells in the Northern Hemisphere.

Raging Rhino

If you like the chance to win real money when playing on your mobile, then Raging Rhino by WMS could be your slot game. According to the latest mobile casinos review, the game is a high variance slot, meaning that wins are less frequent but larger It is a video slot that looks and feels more like a non-casino game and has beautiful graphics and an engaging soundtrack. So you take a safari in the African Savannah and see if you can win some cash on the way.

Netflix Wild Things

If cute animals are your thing, this is the game for you. You get to explore an immersive world where you rescue animals and build them a dream habitat. You must help best friends Liam the Lion and Emma the Elephant rebuild their homes after a terrible storm. There are challenging match-3 puzzles. You have to design and renovate the animals’ habitats and uncover the mystery behind the freak weather. Pretty animations and simple gameplay keep you entertained without concentrating too hard.

Marvel Snap

Snap was possibly the first card game any of us ever learned to play. The rules are simple, and the gameplay is straightforward. Well, Marvel Snap is the game recreated, reinvented, and reimagined. The developers say it is the fastest card battler in the Multiverse. On one level, it is a one-versus-one multiplayer collectible card game, but it is also so much more. Assemble your Marvel dream team from an incredible selection of heroes and villains, and then prepare to do battle.

Crossy Road

While not a new game, this is just silly fun. It has to be included in a fun list of games. Why did the chicken cross the road? You simply have to cross the busy highway and avoid deadly obstacles. What can be so hard about that? With fabulous blocky graphics, there are hours of silliness. As you move through the game, you unlock new characters like a teeny-tiny flea and an emo goose.


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