Fake Id Websites for Your Id Needs


People have been patronizing the purchasing and using of Fake Identification Cards for both harmless and harmful reasons. Young adults are the top customers of fake IDs since the United States of America has legislated that 21 is the legal age to purchase and drink hard liquors, like alcoholic drinks, and to get into nightclubs. Since most students are under the age of 21, they resort to using fake IDs for their nightlife.

Several physical stores or individuals sell or make fake IDs, but they are also now available online. But with the rampant scams and unreliable websites, you need to find which sites are legit and sell you a “legitimate” fake ID. How do we identify the legitimacy and credibility of a website?

First, you need to read idgod org reviews online. Right now, vlogging has become a trend. Content creators give their honest feedback on products and websites through vlogging. Aside from reading written reviews, it is also wise to look at video blogs on Youtube tackling the website.

Aside from reading or watching reviews, one of the best ways to identify the credibility of a website is to ask friends or colleagues who have acquired services from the site. This way, you have firsthand information. It would also decrease your doubts about the website.

Second, scrutinize the site by looking at the following features. If the site has these features, you are in the right place. You will surely experience buying securely and be confident of the customer experience with the following:

  • The responsiveness of the customer support. Is a customer representative on standby to answer queries or deal with concerns? How fast do they respond?
  • The mode of payment. Is the mode of payment secure? Are there many options for paying? If the mode of payment is reliable, for example through Money Gram, Paypal, Western Union, etc. then it boosts the reputation of that site.
  • The materials used for producing the ID. Do they use high-quality ink? Are the materials scannable? Are holograms available? Are materials durable (Teslin or Polycarbonate)?
  • Are the ID production and shipping rates reasonable?
  • Shipping options and tracking. Does the site provide the number of days the item will be shipped and the tracking number?
  • Security Features. Does the site provide security and special features to the ID so that it will pass any tests or scans?

The following are fake ID sites that will provide fake ID services.

  1. Topfakeid.com has all the features previously discussed. The people behind this website claim that they are pioneers in the market. The team of topfake id.com makes the IDs from Teslin and Polycarbonate. They ensure security and top-tier quality counterfeit IDs with all the special and security features, and it is scannable and guaranteed to pass any UV light, holograms, barcodes, or scanners. They deliver in all states and ship the ID immediately when they have produced it. Among their competition in the market, they earned the reputation as the fastest shipping fake ID site. They also communicate with their clients and send them a picture of the ID before shipping the product.
  2. The website has quick and responsive customer service and reliable paying options. Their page provides a step-by-step guide on how to order from them and how they produce their IDs. You can also see on the site some positive reviews from their clients. The only downside to this site is that it is a bit costly compared to other websites. However, you will not regret buying from this site and paying for that cost because they will deliver a quality ID that mimics legit IDs.
  3. FakeyourID.com is another credible site that delivers premium and scannable fake IDs. The team behind this site employs state-of-the-art equipment to produce the IDs to ensure it has the security and special features of a legitimate ID. Feedback shows that the IDs from this site passed different kinds of inspections like UV and visual inspections, and bending tests, and scanners. The team of ID producers is skilled and competitive. They ship the product by disguising it into other products or through letters so that it arrives at the client discreetly. They provide the tracking number so the client will be updated on where the package is and when it will possibly arrive. They deliver worldwide so wherever you may reside, you can order from them. When clients order in groups, they can avail of discounts.
  4. Fakeyourdrank.com is also a reputable fake ID producer. They ship packages in a way that won’t be intercepted by the courier. The IDs they sell are scannable and pass different kinds of scanners and inspections. The IDs are shipped within two weeks (depending on the shipping address), though ID production is only within three days. Unlike Fakeyourid, the price of ordering IDs from fakeyourdrank is more affordable. Their IDs are great replicas of legitimate products for a price within your means. They have an available staff on standby to address your needs and issues from Mondays to Fridays.
  5. IDsbudddy.com markets fake IDs to students. Their staff does not cater to clients globally but takes orders from non-US clients from the UK, Australia, and Quebec. Customs rate their IDs as high quality. The payment mode is via Bitcoin. When paying through this option, the rate is lesser. Shipping may not be as fast as the others, but it will be delivered to the client within a reasonable time range. The problem with this website is the stealth process of the ID is weak.

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There are more fake ID-making sites like IDshubs, Buy-ID.com, IDInstate.ph. Unfortunately, these websites have received some negative feedback unlike the four mentioned previously where they earned high ratings from customers and gained positive feedback. They also have newer technologies to make the IDs and there is no question why they are more popular and more patronized by clients. Before thinking of buying a fake ID, always make sure that you will not be harmed and the way to do this is to buy from credible sellers or sources.


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