FAQs and Maintenance Issues When Using E-Cigarettes Equipment


Many friends have obtained E-cigarettes and used them for the first time. Not knowing how to maintain it or having some problems always makes us feel overwhelmed. E-cigarettes are our beloved portable babies, and daily basic maintenance is still essential. After all, we don’t want our ownE-Cigarettes to lose the chain “inexplicably”.

In this article, I will give you a summary of the minor problems in the daily use of electronic cigarettes and how to maintain them.

1. Condensate

For newcomers to E-cigarettes, the appearance of condensate is often mistaken for “oil leakage” of the atomizer. In fact, condensate and oil leakage are two different phenomena in essence. (Aspiration of the condensate can make your mouth numb and bitter. But don’t worry, the condensate is not harmful.)


  • Take out the pod, and shake the cigarette holder down twice. Wipe the suction port and the bottom of the pod with a paper towel.

2. How to distinguish oil leak and condensate?

If your pod has liquid spillage, wipe the liquid with a paper towel. If the paper towel is colorless or dark brown, it is condensation. If it is light yellow, it is oil leakage.


  • If your pod has a slight oil leak, wipe it clean and see if it can still be used normally.
  • If it still cannot be used after wiping it clean, please contact the after-sales personnel to solve it.

3. Dry mouth while using E-cigarettes?

Most of the components of e-liquid are VG and vegetable glycerin, and VG has water absorption.


  • Just drink plenty of water, and drinking plenty of water is also good for your body.

4. Can’t smoke?

After some friends get E-cigarettes, they will not be able to smoke.


  • By observing the indicator light, if it is on and flickering, it is a power problem, just charge it.
  • If the white light is flashing, it means that the bottom of the pod is in poor contact or the pod has leaked oil, which has triggered the anti-dry mechanism and the second protection mechanism of the pod. Please stop using it immediately, check whether there is any liquid or condensate residue at the connection between the pod and the device, and wipe it with a cotton swab or paper towel.
  • No, replace the pod and see if it can be used, if not, please contact the after-sales service.

5. Smoking E-cigarettes while lying flat or reclining

In this way, the reflux of the e-liquid may lead to the occurrence of the oil, and the oil may burn the cotton dry, resulting in the burning of the wick.


  • Remember to try not to lie flat or lie on your side to smoke electronic cigarettes.

6. There is a strange sound when using the E-cigarette to heat.

If there are “gurgling” or “cracking” sounds in the electronic cigarette, basically, these phenomena are reminding you that you need to clean up the accumulated condensate.


  • See Article 1.

7. I started to feel dizzy after smoking an E-cigarette for a while, what’s the matter?

If the user of E-cigarettes does not smoke cigarettes or smokes very few cigarettes, and the body does not have a particularly urgent intake demand for nicotine, it will cause the body to have a so-called smoking resignation feeling to the sudden intake of excessive nicotine. (I believe that some smokers who smoke cigarettes can experience this. If you don’t smoke for two days, you will smoke again on the third day. This feeling will appear)


  • It is recommended to stop smoking, drink plenty of water, and take rest in time. Don’t worry, the ingested nicotine will be excreted with the body’s metabolism.


1. The method of idle storage of pods and pods

When using pod pods, the pods should be kept in a cool and dry place out of the reach of children and pets, and the pods should not be charged in a high-temperature environment where the human body feels uncomfortable.

2. If it is not used for a long time

If you do not use E-cigarettes within three days, please unplug the pods. Avoid oil leakage causing damage to the battery of the device or the sensing device.

3. Charging

When charging, the pod should be taken down, the mouthpiece should be up, and remember not to stand upside down. Recharge.

4. Battery maintenance

Charge the battery after it is used up as much as possible, and charge it once. Take it out within half an hour after it is fully charged, otherwise it will affect the life of the battery.

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