Feiyu SCORP-C Gimbal Stabilizer Now Offered at $269.99


Faiyutech launched a brand new Feiyu SCORP-C Gimbal Stabilizer, which inherits the unique shape of Scorp and is lightweight, so that users who need lightweight but high requirements can have one more matching choice.

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The Feiyu Scorp-C stabilizer is a lightweight version of the same manufacturer’s high-end stabilizer. Its design is most suitable for full-frame mirrorless with some less heavy-duty lenses, such as medium focal length and large aperture lenses. The body is only 1200g, but the load is 2500g. With the design of the long arm, it can use larger cameras and mirrors than other products of the same level on the market. The quick release adopts the Arca-Swiss standard, and two quick release plates, one long and one short, are attached at the same time, allowing users to use the model and lens with greater flexibility.


This specially designed body also allows the gimbal to take up less space when locked, making it more convenient to carry. Speaking of convenience, you can see some labels near the leveled position, which can help users move directly to the marked position when they use it next time, saving time and effort. Feiyu SCORP C is equipped with a three-axis motor lock, which stabilizes and stabilizes the system, and prevents unwanted movements from the rotation angle. The product also allows photographers to easily adjust the focus in 5 different directions with the ability to stretch comfortably, making the SCORP CCompatible with a wide range of mirrorless cameras, along with a center of gravity slider that makes balancing easier.


The Feiyu Scorp C anti-vibration handle is intelligently designed with impressive adjustability so your whole system can be balanced. The built-in algorithm allows the gimbal to use the force from the motors to align the gimbal and take care of your camera system. In addition, the manufacturer also designs the product to be compatible with many accessories. Smart design with locking pins along with the ability to extend the arm to accommodate more camera systems, easier to calibrate.

Easy To Assemble

Your camera attaches to a quick release plate for easy transition from gimbal to tripod and handheld shooting thanks to Arca compatibility. Three 1/4″-20 threads on the SCORP-C allow integration of the included tripod, lens mount, or optional ARRI socket extension accessory. Four USB Type-C ports help connect the camera’s interface to gimbal controls for things like image transfer and focus motors.


Feiyu SCORP C is built with a super powerful 2500 mAh battery, giving an endless use time of up to 13 hours. Moreover, with the integration of an 18W fast charging system, the product only takes 1.6 hours to fully charge or, in comparison, only needs to be charged for 5 minutes, the SCORP C can be used up to 30 minutes more. Meeting all the high-intensity use cases as well as the heavy-duty work like on the set, the impressive studio of SCORP C.

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Where To Buy

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Buy Feiyu SCORP-C on Aliexpress


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