Fengmi C2 4K VS Fengmi R1 Projector: Pros and Cons


The home projector segment possesses high resolution and can project at close distances. Is this a popular trend today, when the demand for owning professional home entertainment equipment is increasing daily? One of the most popular brands in this product segment is the Fengmi series from Xiaomi projectors. With various models and specific categories are two projector products Xiaomi Fengmi C2 4K and Xiaomi Fengmi R1. So what do they have similarities and differences? Today I will help you learn about them. The article compares these two projector products below.

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These two projectors are easily distinguishable by their exterior design. Xiaomi Fengmi C2 4K is designed in a square, rectangular shape with the main white color from high-quality flexible plastic material. The Xiaomi Fengmi R1 projector is again developed in a circular shape with high-quality aluminum alloy and plastic material. Fengmi C2 is slightly larger than R1’s (456 x 308 x 91mm) 7kg weight, and Fengmi R1 (304 x 304 x 99 mm) weighs 3.7kg.


Xiaomi Fengmi R1 projector, in terms of configuration, is worse than Fengmi C2, such as the brightness of only 1600 ANSI lumen and C2 is 2200 ANSI lumen. The real resolution of R1 is Full HD (1920×1080), and Fengmi C2 owns 4K (3840×2160) resolution. The focal length of Fengmi R1 is designed with a 0.33:1 projection ratio that can give a frame size of 50-100inch. And Fengmi C2 has a focal length of 0.23:1 for images from 80-150inch.


The processor chip of R1 is MTK MT9669, and C2 is Amlogic T972-H, but the cache memory of R1 is designed to be 3GB, slightly higher than C2, only 2GB.


The sound system also has a difference. Fengmi R1 is integrated with 10W speakers and can decode Dolby digital audio. The Fengmi C2 4k projector is designed with a speaker capacity of more than 15W combined with a DTS – HD surround sound system. Let you enjoy blockbuster movies or music with vivid sound.


The connection ports of these two projectors are also designed with many similarities. Common connection ports are required, such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet network, and SPDIF optical ports. However, the Xiaomi FengmiC2 4K projector is arranged with larger ports. As there are 3 HDMI ports and an additional 3.5 audio out port, you can fully enjoy every moment of entertainment. Increase the ability to display data from different sources of devices.


FengmiC2 4K and R1 are home projectors with the built-in ability to project large images at super close distances. They possessed the latest advanced Laser illumination technology and a 3000:1 contrast ratio for outstandingly bright photos. Combined with 110% ReC.709 wide color gamut and HDR10+ dynamic image decoding technology. Owning Android 9.0 operating system for users with many superior entertainment experiences. Along with the smart projection support features typical of high-end Xiaomi projectors.

Like custom 8-point keystone correction, compatible with most popular smart devices today, online data can be easily presented over the internet through integrated applications. And can connect and project data wirelessly from devices with integrated iOS or Android operating systems. Or the intelligent voice control feature via AI virtual assistant. They are bringing projection capabilities no less than expensive projectors in professional cinemas today.

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Final Words

Xiaomi Fengmi C2 projector possesses a superior configuration compared to Fengmi R1, so the price of C2 is also slightly higher than Fengmi C1. However, if your budget is abundant and you are looking for a professional entertainment projector like in a theater. Then Xiaomi FengmiC2 is the most suitable and appropriate choice. At the same time, compared to the current 4K projectors on the market, Xiaomi Fengmi C2 is also highly appreciated. You can get the cheapest prices right now on Banggood at the 11.11 sale.

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