Fenix ​​WF26R Review – A High-performance Duty Flashlight From Fenix


Following the Fenix ​​WF26R headlamp, the Fenix ​​Lighting brand has expanded its collection of professional devices with the new Fenix ​​WF26R universal LED flashlight, which, according to the manufacturer, is a new stage in the development of the Fenix ​​RC20 model. Among the features of the novelty, one can note the high brightness and range of the light flux, as well as the presence of a stationary mount with a removable magnetic charge in the kit.


The Fenix ​​WH23R model (156 x 40.4 x 26.6 mm, 202 g; IP68) is made in a durable and sealed aluminum case with a black anodized finish; equipped with a lithium-ion battery of the Fenix ​​ARB-L21-5000 series with a declared capacity of up to 5000mAh and a bright Luminus LED SST70 LED (3000lm, 52888cd, 6500K, 450m). Water and impact-resistant design make this lamp perfect for harsh outdoor use. It is especially appreciated by members of the armed forces; firemen, ambulances, and mountain rescue services when they are on duty. It is sure to be popular with security agencies and building guards as well. All lamp parameters (luminous output, battery life; water resistance, range, and impact resistance) are measured according to the ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 standard.

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The Fenix ​​WH23R lantern is controlled by two mechanical buttons located in the tail section. The new model can work in six modes, including auxiliary Strobe (3000lm) and SOS (100lm). The main brightness modes are divided into Eco (30 lm, 44.13 h, 47 m); Med (350 lm, 8.93 h, 155 m), High (1000 lm, 2.78 h, 264 m), and maximum Turbo ( 3000 lm., 2.68 h., 450 m). In addition to the flashlight itself, the Fenix ​​WH23R package includes a Fenix ​​ARB-L21-5000 battery; a stationary charging mount, a charging cord with a magnetic connector, a spare sealing ring; a removable steel clip, an adjustable lanyard, a user manual, and a warranty card.


The Fenix ​​WF26R has a total of six lighting modes (including strobe and SOS) with up to 44 hours of operating time. It uses a dual tactical switch for control, which allows for faster and more reliable control in emergency situations. For example, it can be easily switched directly to stroboscopic mode. For more information visit here.


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