Fiido D11 Moped Bicycle at Lowest Price For Limited Time


Beautiful, practical and affordable. Everything points in favor of the new Fiido D11 Bicycle. It is wise to be wary of the possibility of buying an e-bike on crowfunding platforms, where campaigns often fail. In the case of Fiido D11, however, we would make an exception.

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The FIIDO brand electric bike, model D11 is of quality and durability, because it is made of aeronautical aluminum. It is quite comfortable, triple folding and its tilting handlebars are suitable for different types of cyclists. This Fiido D11 bike has a tilting handlebar with a front brake as well as a front and rear disc brake. It has an LED screen, a front light and an adjustable saddle. Additionally, its tires are 20×1.75 inches and a 152-tooth crankset has been implemented with convenient metal pedals. Overall dimensions in length × width × height are reduced from 142 × 52 × 100 centimeters to 86 × 50 × 74, the maximum load is 120 kilograms.


At first glance, the Fiido D11 does not show that it is powered by a 250 watt brushless motor. Only the aluminum case is thicker, but also stylishly manufactured. Visually, the e-bike immediately catches the eye.

20″ Inch Tires

The tubular tires measure 20″ and are equipped with disc brakes at the front and rear. There is also an LED front light and an LED rear light integrated in the perch. The Shimano gear shift offers 7 gears. Especially from a speed of approx. 15 km/h you would no longer be able to pedal properly if no gear shift were installed.


The maximum speed is 25km/h in accordance with the rules. As usual, you have several levels to keep the top speed lower. The automatic moped mode has also been integrated again so that you can drive automatically using the throttle.

Gear Shift

The 7-speed Shimano gear shift can be switched cleanly in the available gears and doesn’t cause any problems. Changing gears is clean without the chain slipping or making any strenuous noises. As usual, only simple Bowden cables are installed and used here.

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