Fioboc Clothing Review – No Stain, No Pain


Fashion never gets old; it just gets updated and even better from time to time. Fioboc material promises to provide you with the best quality clothes. The bio-cellulose matter of the most superior standard is combined with other materials to make this fabric. imagination is to produce materials that can be utilized up to a long-lasting rate. The fabric of Fioboc is put in place by adding Sorona with long-staple cotton material. This article serves you with every aspect of Fioboc clothing, styling, and utilization.


Fioboc, as a men’s fashion technology brand, they have released a Men’s Stain Resistant Waterproof T-Shirt, which become a heat recently!

Why FIOBOC T-Shirt can resist stains and water?

Fioboc hydrophobic stain-resistant technology adopts the lotus leaf bionic principle, featuring the fabric with waterproofness, stain resistance, and oil resistance and making it easy to clean.

In this way, When common liquid molecules come into contact with clothing, like water beads on lotus leaves, they naturally slip off in a 150 ° direction with the cloth. Even if they accidentally have liquid spilled on the clothing, shaking gently or rinsing, it still like a new one.

Versatile Utilities

The t-shirts are meant for versatile events such as you can sue them in the office or at the gym, travel or even at night. The t-shirts are compatible with any kind of collocation, which always keeps you on the way. FIOBOC Cooling T-Shirt contains 34% long-staple cotton, 34% bamboo, and 32% Sorona fiber, of which the constituents are eco-friendly and degradable. Thus making the fabric comfortable, durable, moisture-absorbing, and breathable. FIOBOC T-Shirt is Cool and has a twin-needled locking found on the shoulder to help you avoid deformation. Has 3 stitches craftwork located at the cuff; hence it can never lose shape when you wash it still remains firm to endure its high quality.

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What Else T-shirts Does FIOBOC Have?

Besides the FIOBOC cooling t-shirt, the company also has other products they are offering on the market. All of these aim to make the environment sustainable and eco-friendly. Let us have a look at other t-shirts they offer on the market:-

Tech Cooling T-shirt with Jade-Ice Cooling Tech

FIOBOC Cooling T-shirt is made of 34% bamboo fiber, 34% long-staple cotton, and 32% Sorona fiber. Moreover, Fioboc developed a new fiber stratified textile technology after repeated experiments of putting the fast drainage SORONA fiber in the fabric’s inner layer and moisture-absorbent cotton fiber in the middle layer. The cotton fiber exports moisture. Then bamboo fiber on the surface continuously absorbs and evaporates water to achieve aquick-drying effect. Due to their special section which can increase the contact area of the fabric with the human body and its excellent water conductivity, SORONA fiber can quickly dissipate excess heat from the human body and remain continuously cool. The FIOBOC T-Shirt is Cool when it is hot and reduces the surface temperature.

Side SEAM design T-shirt

This is a men’s t-shirt, and they have a variety of sizes but white. You can shop and pay later; any order beyond $79 comes with free delivery. Like other fashions, the Side Seam design is unique in that it is stitched with colored ribbons, which makes an ordinary T-shirt look more fashionable. It has a tag-free neck, short sleeves, a straight hem, and a crew neck, making it perfect for everyday activities. Other features remain applicable, except it does not have a cooling effect.

Solid Colour Embroidered T-shirts

They also have the color white but in different sizes. You can order as many as you wish as it is of the best quality, fights odor and fit retention, and what makes it unique is its tuft stitch. Tuft stitch Embroideryis their new achievement in the fashion field. It is special and looks attractive, which comes with soft and tufted surfaces to offer customers a strong sense of  3-dimensions to make it fashionable. This Solid Colour Embroidered T-shirt also has a luminous logo, is eco-friendly, versatile, and has excellent craftsmanship.

Pocket V-Neck T-shirt

Other than the white color, the other features remain similar such as luminous logo,  stretch, fit, retention, anti-bacterial, and best quality. Its unique design lies in the V-neck design, which primarily modifies the neckline. A breast pocket offers a convenient location to keep pens and other small items. And the ribbon trim found on the pocket makes it more fashionable and styles it up to the top-notch.

Henley solid color T-shirt

It is exclusively white with different sizes fitting retention and anti-bacterial with a luminous logo making it the best eco-friendly quality on the market. It has a classic design with a plain colored henry neck, a classic sign of retro culture. This is a style that anyone is capable of controlling. Their collar type is easy to slip on and off. This tags-free neck is comfortable for anyone in the daily chores.

Anti-oil stain-proof waterproof T-shirts

As the name suggests, the t-shirt is water-resistant and effectively resistant to anti-bacterial. Even with the liquid spilling on the clothing,  it quickly slides off without leaving any traces on the t-shirt. Fioboc hydrophobic stain-resistant technology adopts the lotus leaf bionic principle, featuring the fabric with waterproofness, stain resistance, and oil resistance and making it easy to clean. Based on the bionic principle “lotus effect”, nano-raw materials are incorporated into the fabric.

Short sleeves solid color polo shirt

This is a more advanced polo shirt that looks elegant compared to any other ordinary t-shirt on the market. They use high-quality classic tradition without vanishing modern trends in presenting men’s image into the trending perspective while highlighting the natural sense of men. Its unique design comes in wearing and layering. The cotton T-shirt has a straight hem, tag-free neck, and short sleeves for the purpose of comfortability in daily activities.

Casual short sleeves embroidered T-shirt

It is white and still retains the product features such as stretch, fit retention, fighting odor, anti-bacterial, and best quality with Sorona content. It also comes with the tuft stitch embroidery as a new achievement. Hover, the unique design comes in terms of layering and wearing. The t-shit features not only a crew neck but also a straight hem, tag-free neck, and short sleeves to make you comfortable.

Anti-Oil Stain Proof Water Repellent T-Shirt

This maintains the product’s branding features, but its uniqueness comes from anti-fouling. The fabric uses nanotechnology and anti-oil adhesion to make the garment quickly slides off without leaving traces. It is also water repellent on the common water-based liquid to make it more durable and eco-friendly. It also has a luminous logo, which you can use on any occasion.


Fioboc remains the new T-shirt brand that is taking over the fashion world by offering eco-friendly and sustainable fashion products. They developed Fioboc fabric combining bamboo, Sorona, and Long-staple cotton to obtain not only Fioboc cooling t-shirts but also other products in line with the sustainable environment.

Fioboc T-shirts are soft, anti-bacterial, fit retention, and capable of stretching. Above all, it has a supper micro-ice particle in the fiber, responsible for keeping you comfortable and cool. The feature instantly reduces the temperature when the test proves it is hot outside


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