Flyme Beta Released For Meizu 16th Support Dark Face Unlock


Today, the Meizu Flyme 7 experience version was released, version number: Flyme beta, which is the first experience version of Meizu 16th and Meizu 16th Plus. After this update, Meizu 16th adjusts the face recognition logic to support unlocking in the dark environment (Meizu 16th Plus follow-up support).

Meizu 16th and Meizu 16th Plus users can get the experience version by signing up. You can directly update to the experience version without clearing the phone data. Download the update from Flyme’s official website. First, back up the data and choose to clear the data update.

  • 1. Registration time: December 11 to December 21
  • 2. Enter the system update App detection update, and update the system version to the latest stable version, get the registration entry: Meizu 16th: Flyme
  • Meizu 16th Plus: Flyme
  • 3. Please confirm that the device information is correct before submitting, and the error message will not be received by the system.
  • 4. You have already signed up for the beta/trial activity. After registering for this event, you will no longer be able to receive the beta/trial version.
  • 5. Manually update to the stable version from the experience version, the disk will be formatted (data will be lost), please back up the data before updating.
  • 6. This registration event is for Meizu 16th and Meizu 16th Plus. The registration of other devices is invalid.

Registration entry: After entering the system update app, update the mobile phone system to the latest stable version, click “I want to register”.

Fingerprint, face, and security

Remove the lock function after password input error, support multiple input passwords and short-time freeze, reduce operation difficulty 16th Adjust face recognition logic, support unlocking in a dark environment (16th Plus follow-up support)

Game mode
  • game mode supports lock screen brightness function, eyes are not affected by light, the game is more stable
  • Path: Settings – Accessibility – Game Mode – Lock screen brightness
The system
  • improves gesture navigation using fluency
  • New low battery mode shortcut switch in the notification bar
  • The default resolution of the recording screen is adjusted to 720P
  • Optimize screen automatic brightness logic desktop
  • Added Meizu Pay icon
problem improvement
  • Solve the problem of shortcut phrase deletion failure
  • Fix the phenomenon that the occasional click candidate pinyin does not respond
  • Solve the problem of network positioning failure in some scenarios
  • Fix “Developer Options” in the notifications bar is not responding
  • The repair status bar displays a notification, and a blank phenomenon is displayed after the notification bar is pulled down.
Other models
Function adjustment
Game mode
  • Access to Xunyou to speed up the fast entry and improve network stability in game mode
  • Path: Settings – Accessibility – Game Mode – Quick Tour
  • Add Meizu Pay icon to your desktop
Problem improvement
  • Fix the phenomenon that the mobile phone housekeeper app flashes when the phone is slimming
  • Fix the phenomenon that the mail app flashes back in some scenarios.
  • Fix the phenomenon that the card is on the smart SMS interface after opening the information app.
  • Fix the phenomenon that the vibrato short video is automatically off in some scenes.

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