Flyme 9.3 Full Push Today Suitable for Meizu 17, 18, 18S, 18X Models


According to Flyme official micro message, Flyme system ushered in the 10th anniversary of the major update, Flyme 9.3 adapted to Meizu 17, 18, 18S series and Meizu 18X models, today in full push.

In terms of content updates, Flyme 9.3’s Alive wallpaper has three new screen displays and four new desktop effects. Desktop supports to change the icon package, double-click the desktop cleanly lock screen; Added battery reminder in game mode. Aicy Screen new commodity price comparison; Long press the shutter for fast recording, the gallery supports desktop plug-ins.

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iGeekphone learned that Meizu had previously announced that it would start celebrating the 10th anniversary of Flyme series in August. In March last year, meizu officially introduced the new Flyme 9 system and Meizu 18 flagship phones at the launch of meizu 18 series phones. There’s also a good chance that Flyme 10 will be introduced, so look forward to it.


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