Flysky Elysium EL18 Review – 18ch Open Source EdgeTX Transmitter at $289.99 From Banggood in Flash Sale


FLYSKY is the world’s pioneer in the radio and smart controls industry, and it shows in the Elysium EL18 which is a masterpiece of engineering. FLYSKY has engaged with the EdgeTX development team for even better support of the open-source operating system. Using the built-in FLYSKY core RC technology, pilots can customize even more functions and parameters than ever before. With its stunning looks, comfortable-to-hold ergonomic design, and the ability of the EdgeTx open-source operating system, it makes the EL18 the go-to transmitter for pilots of aircraft, gliders, multicopters, racing drones, etc.


The Flysky Elysium EL18 has a 3.5″ IPS touch screen for ease of programming; the screen brightness is also adjustable to enhance the display in even the most challenging of light conditions. On either side of this screen are the 2 trim hats for easily trimming the 4 main flight controls. Power is supplied via 2 x 18650 style batteries (not included), one in each handle that is wired in parallel; this means that the batteries can be changed one at a time without causing the Tx to power down.

A USB-C port is supplied for charging, file transfer, and flashing firmware. The metal case is finished in a striking red electroplated acrylic textured coating; this not only looks good but is very durable as well. Accessories include a cover for the gimbals to protect them when transporting to and from the flying site; and a CG adapter for the perfect balance when using a Tx strap.

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The Elysium EL18 adopts FLYSKY’s upgraded AFHDS 3 (Third-Generation Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System) high-frequency protocol, for less interference and greater range. This system is also compatible with one/two-way real-time data streaming. The transmitter utilizes sensitive, accurate, and high-precision CNC Hall effect gimbals. These high-quality gimbals give a long life, are fully adjustable, and can be self-centering, or non-self-centering. 8 switches and 2 rotary potentiometers are included; 4 of the switches and the 2 rotary pots are on the front, and the other 4 switches are conveniently placed on the back; the switches are a selection of either 2-way, 3-way, or spring-loaded. A selection of colored switch covers is supplied for easy identification of the various switches.


Why look for another transmitter, the Elysium EL18 open source with EDGETX has it all, style, manufactured using high-quality components and materials, comfortable to hold, user-friendly layout, and fantastic flexibility. You can buy it from Banggood at $289.99 in Flash Sale.


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