FOF Elfin Bar VS FOF X-Space Vape Comparison Review


The FOF Elfin Bar is outfitted with Aquios water-based vaping advancement. Moreover, It goes with the fabulous arrangement which conveys to everyone that this is wonderful for all. The smoother fume, speedier fulfillment, and phenomenal flavor lucidity. FOF X-Space Expendable Unit is the most up-to-date model from the FOF brand which the brand is extremely renowned for dispensable cases. Concerning the e-cigarette fluid that accompanies it.


FOF Elfin Bar joins the upsides of the plan and conveys the ability of pointless vapes, both inside and outside, to accomplish the most outrageous puff and reevaluate the business benchmark. Also, It goes with the measurement of 17.35mm x 102mm The Most extreme Puff pointless vapes from DRAG family support point on the stage, bringing you to respect and added vaping experience.

FOF X-Space

This FOF X-Space Expendable Unit arrives in a reduced size. make it simple to convey And it weighs just 60 grams. Its plan looks like a spaceship’s fuel stockpiling tank, giving it an interesting and basic look. The benefits of effortlessness are effectively open and loaded with quality. The battery of this FOF Fume X-Space Dispensable Case is another intriguing component. Since notwithstanding the underlying 600mAh battery, it can likewise be re-energized. It accompanies a Miniature USB charging port, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t utilize Type-C, expanding its lifespan is sufficient. So you can utilize it worth each drop of electronic cigarette fluid.

FOF X-Space


FOF Elfin Bar brings vapers a splendid encounter of steady vaping. It’s remarkably surprising and will permit you to incorporate it for over one month without dislodging another. Likewise, It a super game plan appearance, open to managing and a convincing encounter of fingertip contact. In like manner, Taken on with serious solid areas for the section circle. Likewise, it goes with a smooth and satisfying taste. The air change limit at the base licenses vapers to re-attempt taste, which brings a truly spellbinding and progressed vaping experience.

FOF X-Space

The e-cigarette fluid contained in FOF X-Space Dispensable Unit is a salt nic alcohol that is certainly reasonable for use with a case. What’s more, the brand ensures that it is a great electronic cigarette. Also, It Continues to siphon and 50 mg. or on the other hand 5% is appropriate for individuals who like to get tight, full nicotine. You can pick as per your necessities. The two levels contain up to 12 ml. That is a ton. However, enough to cause you to figure out why this electronic cigarette. so it very well may be re-energized, It likewise contains up to 12ml of e-cigarette fluids together and can likewise smoke 4000 words.

FOF X-Space


FOF Elfin Bar unit is another best vape that gives you the long last battery and more fogs around 500puffs. It has a limited size. In general, I should concede that FOF X-Space is an exceptionally fascinating dispensable e-cigarette. Assuming that you take a gander at the different highlights. So, what are you waiting for? you can easily buy both of these from fofvapor officials


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