FOF PUNKOR Vape Pod Vs, SAPPHIRE Vape Pod Comparison Review


FOF has numerous affordable models of vape devices with good vaping specifications. However, these vape devices are available to make it easier for vapers to choose which model of vape device they want to buy judging by price, design, features, and specifications. The PUNKOR vape pod and the SAPPHIRE vape pod are two different models of vape devices from FOF.



Quickly looking at the design ( body build pattern ) of the FOF Punkor vape pod, it is totally different from the shape and design of the FOF Sapphire vape pod. This is the first part of the comparison between these magnificent vape pods from the vape manufacturer FOF. Although, there are no similarities between the Punkor vape pod and the Sapphire vape pod as regards features and specifications.



FOF Punkor vape pod comes with an eye-catching high-end design with a matte finish in order to make the appearance of this pod durable and smooth. On the other hand, the Sapphire vape pod imitated an artistic flow pattern which makes the pod appear sleek and stylish. The Punkor pod is associated with a large 12ml e-liquid tank that is able to deliver up to 5000 satisfying puffs, while the Sapphire pod manages a decent 2ml e-liquid tank that is capable of delivering about 600 puffs.


Lastly, the Punkor vape pod is coupled with a 1.2- ohm mesh coil and a 650mAh rechargeable battery, while this Sapphire vape pod draws power from a 400mAh battery and is coupled with a 1.65- ohm mesh coil. The batteries on both models of vape pods can be charged via the USB Type- C charging interface.


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