FOF VAPOR X-Space Review – 4000 Puffs Disposable Pod Kit


FOF VAPOR X-Space Disposable Pod is the newest model from the FOF brand which the brand is very famous for disposable pods. As for the e-cigarette liquid that comes with it, it’s definitely a salt nicotine solution that’s suitable for use with pods. Comes with 2 selectable levels of nicotine concentration: 20 mg. Suitable for those who like to smoke lightly, comfortably, and fully addicted to the smell of liquid. Keep smoking and 50 mg.


This FOF VAPOR X-Space Disposable Pod comes in a compact size. make it easy to carry And it weighs only 60 grams. Its design resembles a spaceship’s fuel storage tank, giving it a unique and simple look. The advantages of simplicity are easily accessible and packed with quality. The battery of this FOF VAPOR X-Space Disposable Pod is another interesting feature. Because in addition to the built-in 600mAh battery, it can also be recharged. It comes with a Micro-USB charging port, although it doesn’t use Type-C, it’s enough to extend its lifespan. So you can use it worth every drop of electronic cigarette liquid.


The e-cigarette liquid contained in FOF VAPOR X-Space Disposable Pod is a salt nic liqueur that is definitely suitable for use with a pod. And the brand guarantees that it is a high-quality electronic cigarette. Comes with 2 levels of nicotine concentration that you can choose: 20 mg. or 2%, suitable for those who like to smoke e-cigarettes lightly, without hitting the throat to get the full smell of the liquid. Keep pumping and 50 mg. or 5% is suitable for those who like to get tight, full nicotine. You can choose according to your needs. Both levels contain up to 12 ml. That’s a lot. But enough to make you understand why this electronic cigarette. so it can be recharged, It also contains up to 12ml of e-cigarette liquids together and can also smoke 4000 words.


Overall, I must admit that FOF VAPOR X-Space is a very interesting disposable e-cigarette. If you look at the various features; It should come as no surprise that the brand claims that it can pump up to 4000 puffs. Importantly, there are 10 flavors to choose from. For more information visit on official Website.


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