Freemax Galex Nano Kit Review – a Pod System Brings The Galaxy On The Body


Freemax is an extremely high reputation manufacturer from the US. It is also the leader in mesh coil technology that makes the new era of the vape industry. Therefore, Freemax products are extremely focused by the brothers because of the excellent taste of each layer of the top mesh coil of the top. Freemax has released the Galex Nano Pod Kit. This is a compact device with variable power from 11 to 22 watts, a multi-colored dynamic backlight, and a capacious 800 mAh battery.


Galex Nano Design

The Freemax Galex Nano Kit comes with a thin square body made of light alloy. The color palette was diversified with five variations. On the narrow front side, they placed a small activation button and cut out a small round hole responsible for air intake. The cartridge was provided with a large transparent window and a massive removable mouthpiece. A lanyard mount was made nearby, however, the lanyard itself was not provided. The sides were equipped with transparent panels and multi-colored LEDs. The bottom has a USB port.

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Despite the miniature size, the Freemax Galex Nano Pod Kit has good variability – the output power can be switched within three modes with a range of 11 to 22 watts. In addition, ignition can be carried out both by tightening and by pressing a button. Power is provided by a built-in battery with a reserve of 800 mAh. Charging is done via USB Type-C. The cartridge of Galex Nano comes with a pair of replaceable evaporators with natural cotton and different windings – 0.8 and 1.0 Ohm. The tank holds 2 ml of liquid. The filling port is located at the top of the tank, under the removable drip tip. The backlight mode can be switched by double pressing the activation button.


Inspired by the vast galaxy, Galex Nano Pod Kit is the next-generation pod system with Freemax’s typical full-spectrum lighting design and industry-leading FM SaltCoilTech 4.0 technology, and its goal is to explore ultra mouth-to-lung solutions. You can equip it as a pretty fashion item, with a cleverly designed strap hole on the side. Makes it easy to carry her around, without having to worry about losing or falling! For more information visit the official website.


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