Freemax Marvos S VS Marvos T Comparison Review


Freemax Marvos S 80W is Freemax’s spic and reaches one near the following mod/case mod unit with a solitary 18650 outside battery. Marvos DTL Pod Tank is creatively masterminded with Marvos DTL Pod and 510 Adapter. Exploiting FM COILTECH4.0, Freemax dispatches its first case tank which will pass on the unit to the going with clear level. The Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod Kit is a stunning e-cig with a degree of industry-driving provisions that outfit you with a fabulous vaping experience. FreeMax Marvos T 80W is a regardless of what you look like at it vape pen-style unit mod pack; including a DTL Pod and T Battery.


Freemax is based on reliably equipping more MS series circle alternatives with the most recent turn of events. With one Marcos unit close by, you can all things considered take part in the redesign of advancement fundamentally cost, the most financially keen assurance of its sort.

It is made of phenomenal materials and has rich quality, which looks strikingly reasonable. Additionally, on account of its ergonomic procedure. Freemax Marvos S will be beneficial to deal with the strategy the pack can be set without a hitch and securely in the hand. Snap the starting catcher on different events to change the wattage, and the LED light joined to the catch will show the force level.

Freemax Marvos S

It goes with of top notch materials and has a smooth wonder, which looks unbelievably respectable. Also, because of its ergonomic course of action and obliging hold plan; the unit can be put adequately and securely in the hand. Marvos T is controls a 3000mAh basic battery; with a Type-C port, Also, It goes with 2A quick charging, giving an entire day going force and an hour and a half charging time for generally imperative. Solidifying with the actually refreshed FM 2.0 chipset expected for flourishing. More, It has accomplished a yield of 80 watts. Snap the starting catcher on various events to change the wattage, and the LED light joined to the catch will show the force level.

Freemax Marvos S

Freemax Marvos T 80W Kit is an in all cases vape pen-style unit mod pack. Meanwhile, it is also the World’s first case mod with a glass case choice (sold independently). The maker certifies to be superior to the best sub-ohm tank. T moved Cloudchaser with a hard and fast program. Impelled by Freemax’s reality recognized Fireluke Series,


There are many best parts in Freemax Marvos S. Similarly, It has Imaginatively orchestrating with DTL Pod and 510 connectors. It has applied to all Marvos series things Compatible with both DTL Pod. Similarly, It has Marvos Glass DTL Pod Consummately relocating two-side breeze stream control plan from the sub-ohm tank. More, It is Permitting you to change the breeze current unequivocally to your craving.

Freemax Marvos S

In like manner, The 810 stream tip of Marvos DTL Pod is remarkably focusing on DTL vaping needs. Redesignd with expanded breeze stream and pass-through. Exact flaw plan at the edge of the 810 stream tip upsets spit back and diminishes spilling.

Freemax Marvos S

The Marvos T 80W Kit is furnished with a DTL Pod. The unit tank is alluringly fixed in the shell, with an imperative of 4.5ml. Moreover, It can pile up with a base top-off the construction and distinctly shut with a silicone plug. More, The most imperative characteristic of the Marvos DTL Pod utilizes an imaginative 810 spill tip. It has amazingly gotten ready for DTL vaping needs. It is redesigned by broadening wind current and straight-through. Also, The V-molded trouble anticipate the edge can obstruct spit back and decrease spillage. Notwithstanding the DTL Pod made with standard PCTG, Marvos T additionally offers the Glass DTL Pod elective (sold uninhibitedly). The case made of glass is more grounded and all the more clear and can bring a smooth draw understanding.


Freemax depends on dependably preparing more MS plan twist choices with the latest progress. In general, Freemax Marvos S and Freemax Marvos T 80W Pod Kit is an incredible, advantageous, strong, and reasonable gadget for amateurs who need a speedy beginning DTL vaping. Likewise, Both are effectively accessible at Freemaxvape Officials


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