Freemax Maxus Max Pro Vs. Marvos X Pro Comparison Review


There are a lot of Freemax vape devices available on the market for vapers to choose from. These vape devices from Freemax come with good features and specs aside from their design. In a comparison between the Maxus Max Pro and the Marvos X Pro, there are slight difference in specifications as well as design.


On the design aspect, the Maxus Max Pro and the Marvos X were proffessionally built with long-lasting materials that increases its durability. Although, there is a 1.3- IML screen with 4 UI colors perfectly hidden beneath the panel, and it can see only whwn the pod is turned on. While the Marvos X Pro is equipped with a 0.96- Inch OLED screen with 5 theme colors to perfectly show all vaping information.


The Maxus Max Pro comes with dual external 18650 batteries to deliver double endurance and sufficient power. In addition, the dual external batteries can be swiftly charged via USB Type- C port. While the Marvos X Pro is coupled with a single 18650 external battery that also supports 2A fast charging via the USB Type-C port. Both models of vape pods has eight ( 8 ) protection fuctions which includes; Overcharge, Overdischarge, Shortcircuit, Low Voltage, Open Circuit, Overtime, Overload, and Overheating protection.


Still on the comparison, the e-juice tank capacity on the Maxus Max Pro is 5ml, while the Marvos X Pro has two variants ( 2ml/ 5ml ) respectively. Both models of vape pods are compatible with coil resistance of 0.1 to 3- ohm.  In terms of size, the Maxus Max Pro is relatively larger with dimesions of 43 x 30.9 x 134.8mm.

Where To Buy:

The Maxus Max Pro 168W Kit and the Marvos X Pro Kit are currently available for purchase on the Freemax official website for different price tags.


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