Freeton RP4 VS Freeton CP1 Starter KITs Comparison Review


Freeton RP4 Starter KIT is another representative of the legendary line of POD-type electronic cigarettes from a renowned manufacturer. The RP4 version impresses the first time you hold it with its ultra-light design and top-notch ergonomics for a secure grip. and the second one is The newest pen style from the SMOK Vape Pen series electronic cigarette model Freeton CP1 Starter Kit is a portable all-in-one pen-style starter kit with an ergonomic design. Today we are comparing these two starter kit pods and let’s find out which one is a better option for you.


The RP4 Starter KIT is extremely handy and can easily be slipped into any trousers, shirt, or handbag when you are on the move. When she does appear, she always ensures the perfect appearance with her elegant body made of an aluminum alloy. On the hand, the new Caliburn feels even more elegant and comfortable than its predecessors.

Freeton CP1 maintains the standard diameter of 18mm and its glass body offers a volume of up to 4ml. You can conveniently fill the e-liquid after unscrewing the top part with the mouthpiece. Controlling the CP1 continues to be extremely simple. All you have to do is use one button to turn the e-cigarette on and off and create steam at the same time.


The Freeton RP4 Starter KIT is easily filled with liquid from above and do not even have to be removed. The RP4 Starter KIT Pods hold 2ml of liquid. The permanently installed mesh coils with a resistance of 1.2 ohms ensure a great, detailed taste. So even experienced MTL vapers get their money’s worth. You can enjoy 600 puffs in a single charge

The Freeton CP1 can hold up to 4ml of your favorite e-liquid. Simple operation is guaranteed by a single button, which is used to activate the e-cigarette and lock it. You can now look forward to the adjustable air supply, thanks to which you can easily find the right expression for you! The maximum power of the electronic cigarette is a respectable 60W and in combination with the Vape Pen Meshed 0.15ohm atomizers, it will deliver a rich and dense vapor.


Freeton RP4 Starter KIT integrated battery with a capacity of 350mAh guarantees enough energy for all-day vaping and has a fast USB-C charging port, with which you can charge the e-cigarette to 90% in just 35 minutes.

Freeton CP1 integrated battery with a capacity of 650mAh is capable of fast charge with type-c, ideal for the attached low-resistance heating heads. A micro USB port is used for charging.

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If you’re just choosing your first electronic cigarette, you can’t go wrong with the Freeton RP4 Starter KIT. You will appreciate the unprecedented quality of workmanship, attractive color combinations, and, above all, top performance, as well as easy filling and excellent durability.

Freeton CP1 Designed from quality materials, these resistors will be very robust and will promise you infinitely delicious vaping moments. With standard use, we advise you to change your resistance approximately every two weeks or when you feel an unpleasant sensation in your throat.


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