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Often I receive various questions about E-liquid, so I decided to organize the issues you care about into a collection. The following is a collection of questions and answers about E-liquid:

Point 1: Why do you get dry mouth when you smoke e-cigarettes?

The main components of e-liquid are glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), which are highly water-absorbing substances. So there is no need to think about how to change the e-liquid so that the mouth will be dry because no one can change the composition. Some people have a strong ability to secrete saliva, so they don’t feel dry mouth; some people have a weak secretion ability, just drink more water.

Point 2: What is VG, PG?

VG refers to vegetable glycerin, which is one of the two basic solutions that make up e-liquid and is also the main source of the smoke. The higher the glycerin content, the greater the smoke produced by the e-liquid.

PG refers to propylene glycol. It is another basic solution to make up E-liquid. It can dissolve essence, mix other solutions, and also provide a certain throat hit.

Point 3: What is the throat hit?

Similar to cigarettes, the moment the smoke is inhaled into the mouth, the nicotine component will bring a slight irritation to the throat, which is the throat hit. However, the chemical composition of E-cigarettes is not as complex as that of cigarettes, so it does not have such a strong sense of stimulation.

Point 4: What is wake-up oi

There are both oily substances and water-based substances in the composition of E-liquid. Although their densities are very close, there will still be separation, just like water and oil. The purpose of waking up oil is to allow them to fully blend with each other and finally reach a balance.

Point 5: Is it true that the longer the e-liquid is stored, the better?

Absolutely not! Some e-liquids become softer as the wake-up time increases, but not all e-liquids are like this, and some will lose their original flavor after being left for a long time. Most e-juice has been awakened before leaving the factory, and it should be used up as soon as possible after opening, so it does not need to be left for a long time.

Point 6: Why does someone’s tongue tingle when they smoke e-cigarettes?

One: The E-liquid is not completely atomized in the atomizer, and part of it is brought to the mouth, causing the tongue to feel numb;

Second: Electronic smog is in the form of steam, and some of it will condense in the mouth, and the slight numbness has little effect. Try to increase the output power, and try to make the e-liquid atomize completely.

Point 7: Is it difficult to DIY e-liquid by yourself?

DIY e-liquid itself is not difficult. After selecting the material, it can be prepared according to the recipe. Its risk lies in the quality of raw materials. So don’t blindly pursue low prices, try to choose suppliers with FDA, USP, and EP certifications.

Point 8: What is the best concentration of nicotine?

At present, most electronic players choose 6MG, which is enough for throat hit and taste. But if you are just starting to quit smoking, you can also choose some high-strength ones, so that there will not be too strong a withdrawal reaction.

Point 9: The relationship between nicotine solution and throat hit?

The higher the nicotine content, the stronger the throat hit and the greater the irritation. It is recommended that most players try 6GM first, and then consider adding it if it is not enough.

Point 10: What’s up with the choking throat?

Generally, the throat will be choked in the first few mouthfuls just after assembly, usually because the oil on the new cotton core is not fully volatilized before oiling, and it is directly sucked up from the vent hole.

Therefore, before closing the oil tank, it is recommended to drop a little vape oil on the new cotton wick, ignite it and let it fully burn, and then this phenomenon will not happen again.

Point 11: Why does my e-liquid taste completely tasteless?

On the one hand, some players are addicted to cigarettes and feel that E-cigarettes cannot satisfy their cravings. It is recommended to increase the nicotine content appropriately. In fact, apart from the difference in taste, a successfully modulated E-cigarette should have a strong overall taste.

Point 12: What should I do if the e-liquid is too sweet?

One is the taste problem, or it may be because the e-liquid has not been fully awakened before leaving the factory. You can choose to put it for two weeks before tasting or add VG to dilute the taste, or you can directly change the taste.

In addition, when trying new E-liquid for the first time, it is not recommended to buy many large bottles at one time. Experienced players always buy small ones to determine the taste first.

Point 13: Do I need to clean the oil tank before changing the e-liquid?

It is a good habit to clean the oil tank before changing the oil. But if you don’t think it’s troublesome and don’t clean it, it’s not a big problem, just maintain the equipment regularly.

Point 14: Why does the smoke smell like rust?

That’s because the cotton is not filling the heating wire, or the oil conduction is not smooth. After the heating wire evaporates the E-liquid, it will start to dry-burn if it cannot get a follow-up supply. The smell of rust is the smell of dry-burning heating wire. Readjusting the wick can solve it.

Point 15: Why does some e-liquid damage the atomization chamber?

VG will corrode the acrylic material, so currently only E-liquidwith high VG content can damage the atomization chamber. So if you choose to use an acrylic container, you must pay attention to the VG content of the e-juice.

Point 16: Does the same e-juice taste different on the same atomizer?

Every time you adjust the settings on your atomizer, it will be slightly different. But the reason that can really affect the taste is mainly because the cotton core is partially burnt after repeated heating.

If the taste changes greatly even after using a new cotton core, it is necessary to check whether the E-liquid is expired, or there is suspended matter causing deterioration.

Point 17: Does a good oil have to use a good atomizer?

There is no requirement to do so, but a good atomizer can better restore the flavor of e-liquid and achieve full atomization, especially high-grade E-liquid.

Point 18: Dizzy after taking two puffs of E-cigarettes?

Everyone has a different tolerance for nicotine. E-liquid itself is a product containing nicotine. If you feel dizzy when smoking electronic cigarettes, you can try E-liquid with low nicotine content or no nicotine content. If you still feel dizzy, it is best to stop using e-cigarette products, health is not a trifling matter.

The above is a collection of questions and answers about E-liquid. There may be answers to the questions you care about here!

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