Get Arealer F19A RC Car at $161.99 in Flash Sale For a Limited Time


Arealer F19A RC Car adds more advantages especially for RC enthusiasts with eye-catching style, dynamic performance, and the toughness to take on any surface. The perfect 4WD large racing truck is a must-have for boys, girls, adults, and off-road lovers! The professional transmitter of the radio remote control car brings you a far superior experience. Powered by a strong motor, this rugged radio-controlled car can reach the speed of 36 km/h, which makes the RC crawler car race faster than others. Featuring a high speed of 70km/h, a hydraulic alloy shock absorber, a differential lock, a hollow tire, a tilting wheel, 4WD climbing, and super long endurance, our high-speed car offers you a flexible, stable, and high-speed driving experience.

The off-road tires with a strong grip are suitable for a variety of terrain designs. Besides, the hollow wheels are more powerful to climb. In addition, the configuration of high-speed compatible climbing two-in-one innovative design system; electric adjustment function, and delicate throttle ratio; can realize the effect of small torque and large torque. Arealer F19A RC Car uses a brushless motor, the high-speed car can reach 70km/h with a noise reduction function. Furthermore, this remote control car is mainly made of high-quality alloy and PVC materials, which are durable, -corrosive, and crushworthy.

What’s more, the high-speed remote control car can be played for 20 minutes every 120-minute; which brings you an unlimited driving experience. Electronic step-less transmission with brake function increases the speed as much as the throttle is increased. A high-speed steering actuator – the steering angle is synchronized with the remote control of the real car control; can accurately control the steering angle.

Arealer F19A RC Car has IPX4 waterproof performance; plus high-performance shocks and heavy-duty wheels is easy to drive in all terrains like sand, rocks, or even muddy. Alloy hydraulic shock absorber, alloy independent suspension, alloy fasteners; alloy differential, alloy gear, and alloy differential gear; which are better and more durable than ordinary parts of the RC car. The stable control experience comes from the exquisite design inside. Alloy design, and roughening, make it not easy to damage and effectively reduce the cost of bumpy and uneven driving, suitable for all kinds of roads. Moreover, comes with detachable touch head-up wheels to roll over during high-speed driving; giving you a stable but high-speed driving experience.

Arealer F19A Remote control car is fulfilled in Hobby class design with high quality and durable components to bring you a fantastic driving experience. You can buy Arealer F19A from Walmart at $161.99 in Flash Sale For a Limited Time until 11/03/2022 at 23:59 PM PDT.


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