Get Artillery Sidewinder-X2 3D Printer at $285.50 in Flash Sale for a Limited Time


The Artillery Sidewinder-X2 is a perfect option for anyone who likes 3D printing, including everything you need to make a good impression without any problem. As the successor to the world-renowned Sidewinder X1, the Sidewinder X2 from Artillery is characterized by new features and smart developments. Artillery’s new 3D printer, the Sidewinder X2, is a welcomed update to its first impressive system. Artillery SideWinder X2 now has a new look, auto bed leveling, a self-developed 32-bit mainboard, upgraded cables, and a 110/220 V Switch.


The design of the Artillery Sidewinder’s dual Z-axis structure offers great stability to the printing equipment and contributes to better results and high print quality by reducing possible mismatches between layers. The Artillery Sidewinder X2 has a print volume of 300 x 300 x 400 mm; much larger than most home 3D printers on the market. This large print volume allows the user to manufacture large parts. It is equipped with a Titan extruder for optimum filament traction. In addition, the Artillery Sidewinder-X2 is equipped with a Volcano hotend.

This hotend was designed to optimize large print runs without any loss of finishing quality. With this hotend it is possible to use nozzles with a larger output diameter than with other hotends; can even work with nozzles with an output diameter of 1.2 mm; although the standard nozzle is the standard size of 0.4 mm. Thanks to its structure and internal design, this type of hotend has a much higher volumetric flow rate than other hotends; which greatly increases the printing speed.

Artillery Sidewinder-X2 has some features comparable to those of professional FDM 3D printers, such as automatic leveling. Without a doubt, this feature facilitates and minimizes the previous steps to be performed before starting a print; reducing the print failure rate to a great extent. This equipment has a tempered glass printing surface that improves the adhesion of the material and facilitates its removal once it has cooled.

In addition to all these features and functionalities; the Artillery Sidewinder-X2 is very easy to use thanks to its touch screen and user-friendly interface; with which the user can control all the necessary parameters in the printing process. To make the use of this equipment even easier; Artillery accompanies this 3D printer with a case containing different tools and spare parts; which is very useful for the operation and maintenance of Sidewinder X2. Undoubtedly, Artillery Sidewinder X2 is a piece of versatile equipment very useful for users who need to print large parts at high speed.

Artillery Sidewinder-X2 FDM 3D printer is the best compromise between print quality, functionality, and accessibility. It offers cutting-edge technology for an ultra-controlled price. Whether DIY or figurine is your passion; whether you have advanced professional needs or just looking for an ultra-versatile machine; the Sidewinder X2 will meet all your needs thanks to its extreme precision; large print volume, printing speed, and ease of use. It’s available on Newegg at the lowest price of just $285.50 (Inclusive of VAT) with duty-free Shipping until 10/25/2022 at 23:59 PM PDT.


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