Get Eb Alto Saxophone Brass at $205.99 in Flash Sale For the Limited Time


Eb Alto Saxophone Brass is the perfect instrument for student musicians and a great addition to any level player. The large bore makes it easy for young players to get a great, full-bodied sound and the fast action keys allow for easy playability for all players. The tone is deep and rich with even intonation throughout the full range. Eb alto saxophone ensures excellent sound quality without noise, good key feedback, and perfect appearance when pressed by your fingers. Gold lacquered body E flat and 82Z key type will ensure that these brass instruments will have you looking great and sounding better.

Eb Alto Saxophone Brass comes with a large bore, ribbed construction, quality leather pads, and metal tone boosters. The contoured keys with faux mother-of-pearl inlays are a touch of elegance. As a normal saxophone, the bass part of Eb Alto Saxophone is very unobstructed, which is incomparable to other saxophones at this level. This is due to our high-precision processing technology, numerical control manufacturing, and no defects. The U-tube has very good sealing performance and will never leak air. It is more friendly to players with small vital capacities.

Eb Alto Saxophone is definitely an outstanding musical instrument in terms of quality and appearance. The saxophone has been professionally adjusted before leaving the factory to ensure; that have good sound without noise, and the buttons have good feedback and look perfect when the fingers are pressed down. Eb Alto Saxophone used upgraded quality leather; which makes the saxophone have higher air tightness, used the upgraded quality copper needle spring makes the instrument more smooth. Choosing Eb Alto Saxophone must be your best investment, NEVER let you disappoint.

Eb Alto Saxophone Brass is suitable not only for students, and beginners but also for professional players. Not only can be used for school, and concert performances, but also a good gift. This complete set includes a cleaning brush, cleaning cloth, and gloves; a strap, and padded case are included to meet your needs better. You can buy it from Walmart at $205.99 in Flash Sale For a Limited Time until 12/31/2022 at 23:59 PM PDT.


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