Get Flashfish E200 Portable Power Station at €136.89 From CAFAGO with Coupon


Flashfish E200 Portable Power Station is a trusted power source for both indoor use and off-grid outdoor activities like camping, hunting, fishing, outdoor party, and music festival. It can also provide emergency backup power sources (for lighting, and communication during power outages). Flashfish E200 portable power station is designed for outdoor activities power supply. Small size and large capacity design can meet your various power supply need indoors and outdoors.

This solar portable power station with a 200W pure sine wave output to efficiently power up small household appliance is a clean substitute for the gasoline-powered inverter generator. 151Wh/40800mAh lithium battery offers to charge 3 laptops, 15 phones, 5 tablets, 6 DJI mini drones, or power a car mini freezer to operate for 5+ hrs. The solar power station runs at low decibels to not disturb you on camping nights. The large LCD screen can make you see the remaining energies/charge/discharge/AC output/DC output status clearly. Lightweight and compact size with portable handle, comfort for grip, and easy to carry.

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This portable power station can be recharged by connecting to a solar panel (not included); or can be fully charged by an AC wall adapter or your car charger. The portable solar generator is equipped with 7 ports including 1x AC220V output, 2x 9~12.6V/max10A DC outputs; 2x 5V2.4A fast charging USB ports, 1x 2.4A USB port, and 1x car port to power your smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, light, drones; fans, mini fridge, in-car appliances, CPAP devices and so on on the way. FlashFish power station is equipped with a lithium battery pack, it can be charged by the 15-24Vsolar panel/AC wall outlet/car outlet for more flexibility on the way.

The multifunctional ultra-bright LCD screen offers you an intuitive; clear display of the remaining battery/ charge/discharge/AC output/DC output status even in dim light. E200 solar generators have a reliable BMS system to support multi-protection to avoid damage caused by overload; over current, over temperature/, and overcharge. The portable power station can provide enough power for small end-users; such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, lights, drones, fans, in-car appliances; a mini-Refrigerator, or other small power appliances. You can buy Flashfish E200 Portable Power Station from CAFAGO at €136.89 by using coupon code: CCE200 with Free shipping from Germany Warehouse.


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