Get JIMMY PowerWash HW8 Pro Cordless Smart Vacuum Cleaner at $316.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


Jimmy, now a well-known manufacturer of cordless electric brooms for all budgets, has recently presented the PowerWash HW8 Pro model, a scrubber suitable for all surfaces. We tried it for a week, appreciated the distinctive features, and identified some flaws. We tell you right away that it is good for all low-reflective floors, such as ceramic or terracotta; while it is not particularly recommended if you have parquet throughout the house, especially if it is dark in color.

The shape is the classic one of an electric broom, with two buttons on the upper handle; that allows you to switch it on and select the suction power. Below the handle, a trigger allows you to activate the jet of water; which will be sprayed from a nozzle positioned on the head of the brush. This is a distinctive feature of the PowerWash HW8 Pro compared to other models; that directly wet the rotating brush or sends the water-jet directly on the surface to be cleaned, always in proximity to the brush. The advantage of the Jimmy solution is the possibility to manually decide the amount of water to use, abounding in the dirtiest areas and saving it in the areas where the damp brush is sufficient.

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The clean water, together with the detergent, must be inserted into a tank positioned in the rear part; while in front there is the dirty water tank, much larger than the rear one; and which therefore allows you to clean very large surfaces. before being emptied. The jet of water that is sprayed through the use of the trigger is not particularly uniform; but this does not create a cleaning problem. Rather, the jet is quite wide and if you spray with the brush near a piece of furniture, you risk getting it wet. The brush itself is unable to reach the edge of the floor; remaining about 2 cm away from the wall.

A more important defect of Jimmy PowerWash HW8 Pro is the presence of the two rear support wheels; in rubber, which unfortunately leave strips on the floor; totally invisible on poorly reflective or light surfaces, quite visible on dark surfaces instead. In our case; for example, on the light porcelain stoneware in the kitchen and gray in the bathrooms, we did not notice this defect; visible instead on the walnut parquet of the rest of the house. The battery is inserted by removing a panel in the back; being removable you can change it as needed extending the autonomy of use indefinitely. The autonomy of the single charge is a few tens of minutes, therefore enough to thoroughly clean a large apartment or even a multi-story house of a few hundred square meters.

The convenient self-cleaning cycle can be started by simply holding down the mode selection button for three seconds, after placing the PowerWash HW8 Pro on the charging base. In this way, the brush is cleaned as well as the suction ducts. You can then remove the dirty water tank, empty it and rinse it. Maintenance takes only seconds, making it easy to use even every day. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $316.99 by using Coupon Code: HW8PRO for a limited time and ship it from PL Warehouse.



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