Get KKmoon Handheld Metal Detector For Children at $22.99 in Flash Sale


The KKmoon Handheld Metal Detector is a fun and educational tool for children to explore the world around them. This compact and lightweight metal detector are perfect for children to use at the beach, in the park, or even in their own backyard. It can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, making it a versatile tool for finding lost coins, jewelry, and other metal objects. With an easy-to-read LCD display and adjustable sensitivity, this metal detector is easy to use and perfect for children of all ages. It is also durable and water-resistant, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments.

KKmoon  Metal Detector

You can use the metal detector in shallow water with a waterproof search coil. The product only needs to use one 9V battery to work. When it stops working for a long time, please remove the battery. KKmoon Metal Detector is made of harmless ABS material; professional industrial designers and kids’ visual designers. It perfectly fits children’s aesthetics. Trust me, the KKmoon metal detector for kids will get along well with your kids.

Clear Detection by Buzzer & LCD-If there is any metal object, the arrow and signal symbol will appear on the screen, meanwhile, it sounds. The closer they are, the louder it sounds and the signal will be stronger. 24 to 35 inches height adjustable stem adapts to both children and adults. One press simple operation will let kids easily start metal finding. The lightweight and foldable KKmoon Metal Detector are exclusively designed for traveling or outdoor activities.

Overall, the KKmoon Handheld Metal Detector is a great tool for children to learn about science; and technology while having fun discovering hidden treasures. If you’re interested in purchasing the KKmoon Handheld Metal Detector, it is currently available at Walmart for $22.99 for a limited time until 1/31/2023 23:59 PM PDT.


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