GPD WIN Max 2 Review – 10.1 Inch Pocket Gaming Notebook at $1,619.99 From Banggood


Introducing the GPD WIN MAX 2, a revolutionary device that combines the power of a high-performance gaming PC with the convenience of a handheld device. This innovative device offers both work and gaming capabilities, allowing users to experience the best of both worlds in one compact package. With its powerful hardware, the GPD WIN MAX 2 delivers an immersive gaming experience and the ability to handle demanding work tasks with ease.


The GPD WIN MAX 2 is a portable handheld gaming PC that measures 8.9 x 6.2 x 0.9 inches (22.7 × 16.0 × 2.3 cm) when folded and weighs 1005 grams. It is designed to easily fit into a laptop-style bag or case, making it perfect for gamers on the go. The 10.1-inch ultra-narrow bezel display is designed with passive eye protection (such as blue light reduction); native landscape, 10-point touch support, and enabled for the use of an active stylus with 4096-level pressure sensitivity (MPP2.0). The all-metal CNC body is made of 6061 aluminum-magnesium alloy; while the back is made of aviation-grade ABS synthetic resin for a comfortable two-hand grip.

When opened, it reveals a 10.1-inch IPS touchscreen with a default resolution of 1920×1200, which can be increased to 2560×1600. This high-quality display makes AAA Windows games look amazing. It also features a 2MP 1612×1212 super wide-angle camera with a built-in microphone; a backlit QWERTY keyboard, and a Microsoft precision touchpad for input.

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The GPD WIN Max 2 is a pocket gaming notebook that packs a punch with its latest AMD processor series, the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U APU featuring AMD Radeon 680M RDNA2 Graphics and 32GB LPDDR5-6400 MT/s RAM. The device is equipped with dual M.2 (PCIe 4.0 2280 / 2230) slots that come with 2TB M.2 NVMe 2280 SSD and can be further expanded. The WIN Max 2 features a highly efficient cooling solution with a large turbofan and dual heat pipes. The device also introduces Hall Sensor sticks for the first time, eliminating stick drift. Additionally, there are new mappable back buttons and analog triggers, similar to Win 3. The device also has a dual vibration motor with software control; a six-axis gyroscope with dedicated configuration software; and a built-in magnetic controller cover allowing instant switching between gaming handheld and business laptop modes at any time.


The GPD WIN Max 2 supports e-GPU (AMD via USB 4, Intel via TB4) and Wi-Fi 6; with a maximum transmission rate of 2402Mbps, as well as Bluetooth 5.2 with a longer transmission distance and faster transmission speed. The device also features a built-in 4-channel smart amplifier and 4 super-linear speakers for surround sound experience; a backlit keyboard with 2 levels of brightness, 5 notification LED, and a precision touchpad. The device also has high-speed SD and microSD card slots; making it the best choice for photographers.

The GPD WIN Max 2 also introduces a side-mounted power button with a fingerprint sensor for added security. The device also has a built-in 2-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera with a 118-degree viewing angle and a high refresh rate. The device is powered by a 67Wh large-capacity battery that can last up to 3 hours of gaming; and comes with a 100W PD super-fast charger that can charge the device from 0 to 50% in around 20 minutes.


Overall, the GPD WIN Max 2 is a powerful and versatile pocket gaming notebook; that offers the perfect balance of portability and performance. Whether you’re a gamer looking for the ultimate portable gaming machine; or a professional looking for a high-performance mobile workstation; the GPD WIN MAX 2 has got you covered. Get ready to experience the future of portable computing with the GPD WIN MAX 2. You can buy $1,619.99 from Banggood in Flash Sale.


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