Grab The HIMO Z16 Folding Electric Bicycle at $675.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


The Xiaomi HIMO Z16 has a technology, design, and build quality that is much more attractive than electric bikes in general. This bike keeps you from getting the fitness benefits of cycling. Carrying the concept of hybrid, electric technology makes you less tired and lighter when riding a bicycle while the bike continues to run fast up to 25 KM per hour.

Buy Xiaomi HIMO Z16 Bike at Geekbuying

The Xiaomi HIMO Z16 uses an Aluminum Alloy frame structure that is lightweight like a general bicycle but of very good quality. This bike can withstand loads of up to 100 kg. When you enter pedal mode manually it is not as heavy as other electric bikes. You can fold the HIMO Z16 bicycle from the handlebar, body to the pedals so that this bike can enter the car to the elevator while you work.

Compared to the usual electric motor engines, the Xiaomi HIMO Z16 carries a 250W motor power. This 250W DC Brushless motor engine will provide additional power when you are riding a bicycle. You don’t need to worry when this bike runs out of battery, you can pedal comfortably without caring about the terrain of your trip. The Xiaomi HIMO Z16 uses a 18650 Lithium Battery. The battery can supply power up to 80 km with a charge time of 6 hours. You can charge by plugging directly in or removing the battery. And there is an anti-theft feature on the battery.

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Like a motorized vehicle, this bicycle also has a screen panel that displays information on the mileage and speed of the vehicle as well as the battery capacity. Through this screen, you can also change several vehicle modes such as Daily, Manpower, and Electric Assist. This screen is waterproof so you don’t have to worry when it rains. This electric bicycle is equipped with a rear shock absorber that you can use in all fields. Very effective at reducing vibrations so that you are comfortable when using this bike.

About safety, while driving, the Xiaomi HIMO Z16 is equipped with a Double Disc Break which is safe to use when the road conditions are dry or when it is raining. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $675.99 by using coupon code: GKB496S and ship from EU warehouse.

Buy Xiaomi HIMO Z16 Bike at Geekbuying


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