Grab the SCULPFUN S9 Laser Engraving Machine at €228.48 From CAFAGO


The Sculpfun S9 laser engraver is a great tool for adding your own personal touch to a variety of items. Whether you want to put your logo or initials on something for fun or for a home business, this machine can help you do it easily and affordably. The S9 has been upgraded with a 90W high-power laser and a metal design with a laser protection cover, making it fast and safe to use. Plus, with CAFAGO offering it at a discounted price and with free delivery from a German warehouse, it’s a convenient and cost-effective option.

The full-metal design of the structure enhances the solidity and precision of the engraving machine. It features both a fixed focus lens and a sliding design; allowing for easy focusing by simply sliding the laser and tightening the screws. Assembly can be completed within 10-20 minutes and the frame is highly durable and capable of being upgraded. The laser filter cover also filters out 98% of ultraviolet light to protect the eyes during use. Additionally, the SCULPFUN S9 comes with an A4-size steel pad to protect the table from laser damage and prevent any fire hazards.

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The SCULPFUN S9 laser has undergone numerous tests and upgrades using the most advanced technology to ensure efficient and accurate engraving and deep cutting. Its improved motherboard and wiring increase its lifespan; and the laser filter filters out 98% of UV light to allow for safe; goggles-free observation of laser engraving. Additionally, the sliding design with a fixed focus lens allows for easy focusing simply by sliding and tightening screws. This laser also prevents animals from being attracted to the laser spot.

The SCULPFUN S9 laser engraving machine is compatible with various advanced software programs, including LaserGRBL, LightBurn, Benbox, GrblController, and LiteFire. It supports PWM mode engraving and can be used with Windows and Apple systems. It is capable of engraving various file formats, such as JPG, PNG, DXF, SVG, G-code, NC, and BMP. The S9 uses the latest diode laser technology with a 5.5W laser beam and an ultra-fine 0.06mm focus for precise cutting and engraving. It can cut through wood up to 15mm thick, acrylic up to 10mm thick; and can also carve on ceramics and stainless steel. It features precise scale lines on the X and Y axes for easy measurement of engraving objects; and has a large engraving area of 410x420mm to meet your various engraving needs.

CAFAGO is offering the Sculpfun S9 laser engraver for €228.48 in a flash sale for a limited time. The item will be shipped from their DE warehouse with free shipping.


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