HAYLOU GT7 TWS Earphones Offered at Just $21.16 [Super Sale]


Haylou GT7 TWS are wireless headphones compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. They have a newer version of Bluetooth 5.2, low latency mode, AAC audio codec or noise reduction during calls. Of course, the battery lasts a long time, up to 20 hours on a single charge. They are light, designed, and just the way you want them. Don’t you believe it? See for yourself.

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The headphones start with a weight of 3.9 grams, so they are very light. Now, are they comfortable? Yes, but let me tell you that you may need to change the pads. They come in 3 different sizes, try them all and choose the one that best suits the size of your ear. It is what these types of headphones have. The stem, although it seems too big, it is not. You will not feel that it touches your cheek and even with sudden movements of the head, if you managed to fit the headphones well to your ear, they will not fall out. Haylou doesn’t mention anywhere what kind of water resistance they have. So until further notice, I would avoid using them when you know they can get wet. Even so, the sealing they have is good, so if four drops fall on it, we do not think anything will happen.

Sound experience

Haylou GT7 TWS offers an excellent sound experience, thanks to a high-quality composite vibrating diaphragm coil and AAC audio codec, which restores even more sound details. These wireless headphones also support two-channel communication technology. You will be able to switch between stereo and monaural mode and use the headphones either individually or as a set. You will also get an excellent sound experience when playing games or making calls. The Haylou GT7 TWS has a low-latency game mode. Simply double-tap the left handset to turn on the mode so you can enjoy perfect audio and video synchronization. And what about those calls? Intelligent noise reduction awaits you. The DNN algorithm simulates the human auditory system and accurately captures people’s voices, to effectively reduce ambient background noise at the same time. Enjoy the perfect sound and don’t be disturbed.

Touch control

Because what would it be for smart wireless headphones without touch controls. Leave your phone in your pocket and enjoy music only with your headphones. Each touch always means something, so for example, when playing music, you can play, pause, skip, but also turn low latency mode on or off, or call a voice assistant. And if someone is trying to call you, you can use the headphones to answer the call, but also hang up afterward. In short, simplicity and convenience know no bounds.


When trying to watch videos on platforms like Netflix or YouTube, you do not experience much latency. This is minimal, which is solved by the low latency mode. When playing video games, latency does increase, something normal in headphones within this price range. Interference only appears when we move away approx. 10 meters from the device. If you don’t, the signal is stable and strong behaving very well. Finally, remember that they can be used separately since they do not use the typical master-slave connection.


It lasts up to 5 hours on a single charge and together with the charging case you get a total of 20 hours of battery life . The Haylou GT7 are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the ears, which you can enhance with the interchangeable plugs that you will find in the package.


The Haylou GT7 are the perfect headphones for those who want to start in the world of wireless audio. They are endowed with great autonomy, they are comfortable, not at all big and light, and they do not give the feeling that they are going to fall. The sound is not a panacea and if you are not too demanding, they will comply. Honestly, you can’t ask for more.

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Where To Buy

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