Hohem iSteady Q – The Versatile Selfie Stick with Multiple Usage and Smart Stabilization


Most likely you have a selfie stick, but are you using it in 2021? I think not. Conventional selfie sticks have been out of date for several years. However, Hohem has released a new version of the selfie stick. In fact, it is a smart tripod with a 360-degree face tracking function. The device is called iSteady Q. If you are looking for the most flexible stabilizer, take advantage of the offer for the Hohem iSteady Q stabilizer.

The new iSteady Q selfie stick can rotate 360 degrees, and it also offers single-axis stabilization, face and object tracking, a detachable remote control, and a built-in tripod. You will experience unlimited freedom when taking photos. The reinforced holder allows you to place the phone vertically and horizontally. Thanks to the movable joint, you will capture smooth images with high stability, which will give your images dynamism and effect.

Key features

  • The Hohem iSteady Q stabilizer can be used as a selfie stick as well as a tripod
  • It excels in its ability to rotate around its axis in all directions
  • The reinforced holder allows you to hold the phone in both a vertical and horizontal position
  • Hohem Stabilizer will surprise you with the possibility to control it with gestures
  • The remote control is built directly into the stabilizer
  • You will appreciate the compatibility with both Android and iOS operating systems

Hohem iSteady Q is a stabilizer for filmmakers with great imagination. With HOHEM Joy, you get features like slow motion or smart templates. Hohem Stabilizer will surprise you with the possibility of gesture control. You will no longer need a timer or remote control. Just wave and take perfect photos. The controls are very comfortable, fast, and intuitive.

The stabilizer can track your face. So even when moving, you will always be perfectly in the shot. The Hohem stabilizer is very compact, easy to fold and you can also store it in your handbag. You will not feel its weight of 195 g. Thanks to the anti-slip feet, you can use them on any surface. In addition, it can be extended by up to 30 cm. With the Hohem iSteady Q stabilizer, every selfie will be perfect.

Go beyond simply holding your phone and finally capture the perfect photo every time. iSteady Q has a secure, padded holder that cradles the phone horizontally or vertically and allows 360° infinite rotation, giving you unlimited freedom to create fabulous shots from a wider angle smoothly and steadily. Everyone can take a killer photo of themselves, so long as they have iSteady Q. Don’t be shy, show off your infinite beauty to the whole world.

Featuring a single-axis structure and transformable joint, iSteady Q is the best selfie stick to create silky smooth video shots with high stability, to bring dynamism and impact to your videos. Your ideas are now within reach and you can go beyond the impossible to realize and display your full creativity on vlogs and TikTok.

If you’re serious about filming on your phone, this is a must-have for unlimited creativity and imagination. Start your filming journey with great ease using the HOHEM Joy app, with slow motion and time-lapse features along with smart video templates in Moment such as Panorama and Inception Mode. With iSteady Q, your creativity shines.

The Hohem iSteady Q stabilizer has a remote control that can be easily removed. It connects via Bluetooth. On the remote control, you will find buttons for zooming in, out, focusing, calibrating, portrait or landscape. You will always have your images under control. The compatibility of the stabilizer is huge. It is suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems. Holds phones up to 11 mm wide and 55.5 to 100 mm in size. The Hohem iSteady Q stabilizer is equipped with a built-in battery with a capacity of 460 mAh, which lasts for 3 hours of shooting. You can easily charge it with a USB-C cable in 40 minutes.

Hohem launches iSteady Q – A multifunctional stabilizing selfie stick that also functions as a tripod, gimbal, and live streaming equipment. It’s only $39.99, which is now the lowest price among all hohem iSteady series products, meaning you could spend $39.99 to taste Hohem’s product. You can Buy 1 Hohem iSteady Q and Get 1 FREE Selfie Ring Light, While Supplies Last.

About Hohem

Founded in 2014, HOHEM Tech is a global leading gimbal technology company with strong ability on independently-developed techniques, production, and sales. We provide high-performance intelligent stabilization systems and revolutionary smart stabilizer products and solutions. In 2016, Hohem launched the world’s first smartphone stabilizer with AI face-tracking technology, With the slogan “Make the moment & enjoy it”, we believe that every moment of life is worth recording and will keep bringing a better recording experience for every consumer!


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